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Friday, 30 November 2012

Wonderfil Thread

Don't get me wrong - I love any and all thread.  Mettler polyesters, King Tut cottons, Sulky variegates.  All of my rayons happen to be Wonderfil threads.  I have a LOT of colors.  Wonderfil is Canadian, out of Calgary I believe.  I stocked up at a big quilt show a number of years ago.  Since then, they've been kind enough to sponsor gifts for draws I've had here and at the Needle & Thread Network.  You can also see more projects at their facebook page.  Since Creative House (a shop in my city) packed their place with the entire line of Wonderfil, I've been shopping.  Mostly, I go for the colors I need.  Cheaper threads are a nightmare, linting up the machine WAY too much for threadpainting.  The Wonderfil threads are great because they are huge spools at a very affordable price, and they are low lint to lint free.  Plus - they are all here at my fingertips!  So I've been stocking up on more cottons.  The problem is that I go in thinking, "hmmm, maybe this is the right color" which is ridiculous when you are standing in front of a wall of thread.  Jane Evans stocked me with her old thread cards, ensuring me that they will absolutely come in handy.  She was right.  So I ordered some from Wonderfil.

Wonderfil Thread Color Card books in my sewing room : )

It is nice to have all the colors in your sewing room to decide before you head out to purchase.  It's a huge time saver to call and say, "do you have thread # xyz in stock?".  The spools are huge - 1000m for under ten dollars.  To make it sweeter, Creative House just launched all their shopping online!  (click to link)  They were so excited - I was their first customer.  : )

Wonderfil is a Canadian company with headquarters in Calgary

Yum.  I could eat thread for breakfast.  : )  So here's some cool news - a rep from Wonderfil UK emailed me to ask if they could showcase my work on their site!  COOOOOL.  : )  Really cool. 

Okay - off to sew.  I think I'm having withdrawal!  lol  Talk soon,


Kit Lang said...

Monika, I LOVE Wonderfil and totally swear by it - I like it even more than that A***ful thread (sacrilege, I know! lol)

So glad they're featuring your work - there surely can't be a better advertisement for them - they're lucky you agreed!

I usually stock up at The Creativ Festival in the spring and fall - glad to know I get something in a pinch online! :)

HollyM said...

Good for you, Monika! You're popping everywhere! I love their thread too. The sample cards are a really great idea as I do the same thing. I either go the shop thinking I need a certain shade a nd get totally the wrong thing. The last time I took my big container of thread, how dumb is that?

Katherine said...

Oh, thanks for sharing this, Monika! I just happened to buy some Wonderfil for the first time about a month ago at a trade show. I bought their 50wt quilting thread and was very pleased with it. Now I'm going to have to get some of the rayon threads. Must get the thread cards too... will save time and troubles seeing what they have before I go shopping. lol

Congrats! I'm betting that your beautiful work will really increase their thread sales. :o)

Mary Ann said...

Congrats on the feature:)

Sample cards are a great idea. I have them for the felt I buy...I have sample cards from the 4 or 5 companies I buy from on a regular basis as they all vary in weight and colour. It really makes a difference when I'm buying on line:)

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