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Saturday, 13 October 2012

Threadpainting - Up Close and Personal

I've been busy hand stitching now, and loving every second of it.  It is such a beautiful and intentional process.  This commission is nearing completion!  : )))

my universal floor stand makes a good helper while I stitch even without a hoop

I stitched in all the little wolf willow leaves in silvery sage cotton & rayon for sheen.  Then I'm adding in some hand dyed blues to open up the machine stitching a bit to let the water show through the boughs.

It's a good process, and the slow hand stitching at the end feels so terrific - like doing a binding on a quilt.

work in progress - stitching in the wolf willow leaves

I think handwork helps the maker to really spend time enjoying her creation.  Up close and personal.  ; )


B J Elder said...

Thanks for showing your piece in the 'stand' you are using to hold it while you do the hand stitching. I take it you sometimes use a hoop as well?

Grandma Coco said...

As you know, I'm with you on the handwork!

Dolores said...

Yes, there is something ot be said about hand stitching. Personal and intimate.

liniecat said...

Interesting to see how you do the stitching, can see a stand used that way must surely help. I get in a right tizz using round frames for some reason lol
its looking smashing.............stunning stitching

Ellie said...

That is looking amazing - it's even better that you get so much pleasure from making them.
I'm contemplating making a quilt of some sort - I've got some fabric. I might just start small and try a pillow to start with. Wish me luck :))

HollyM said...

It just gets better and better! I love the peacefulness of hand stitching too.
I'm curious about your floor stand.

HollyM said...

Monica, I'm trying to find the company that reopened where you ordered the fibres.

Pieces of Sunshine said...

It looks great Monika, beautiful colours too. The universal floor stand looks to be a great idea.

Jackie said...

You really do have a gift! I hope you know how extremely talented you are.

Ariane said...

Wow!! I love seeing how you work on you projects! It's really inspiring!!

kate said...

Have you painted onto the fabric, then stitched on top of it, or is a photograph put onto your fabric?

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