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Wednesday, 10 October 2012


The detour I took to that Fall scene really paid off.  I came back from the long weekend completely ready to do this.  I have threadpainted trees a five times now.  I was nervous about the trunks of these, but oooh it turned out superb!  Want to see??

detail of a commission in progress

This is the 'ugly phase' : )  It's true...  it looks rough still.  I've done more machine work on this since I took the photo.  Now I am ready to hand stitch the foreground and really make this piece sing.  We'll see how far I get this week...

p.s  I'm still looking for extra copies of this particular issue if any SCC members wouldn't mind passing one on to me when they are done?  PLEASE & THANK YOU!

   *                                               *      *                                                         *                            *
* p.p.s. * Did you know we are getting our first snowfall right now?  * The grass is still green and it's melting, but there's the white stuff! * : )  * I don't mind.  * I went for a nice long walk this morning. * it's mild out and very, very quiet. * All the children in the park were heading off to school with their tongues sticking out to catch some. * My youngest boy claims that the first snowflakes of the season are always the sweetest. *                                      *               *                                        *
off to sew...


Becky said...

Very nice, as always! Snow? Too funny that he thinks they're sweet! First snow is certainly the best (IMO)!

Anonymous said...

Oh Monika!! I soooo love those trees! And I love tasting snowflakes too.

Dahn said...

Love your trees! And because it sounds so naughty to say it (even though it is the proper word), these are pecker poles! We have the same trees in the Yukon. hahahahahaha (how old am I?)
Seriously--I love your trees. What size needle do you use? Do you use super thin (like 60) thread in your bobbin for the 'leaves'?

HollyM said...

Monika, the trees are so realistic! Wow! This will be a very special piece.
I could have sworn I saw a small bit of snow outside my window today too. I was warm and cozy swimming laps.
Did you mention once that you bought the book Sky Dyes? I'm considering ordering it.

Juanita said...

You can turn a nice scene into something fabulous with your stitching. I love this piece and the fall one too. The detail, the colour, the trees...wow!

Regina said...

Your trees are breath taking! My son swears he saw snow flakes today, but my garden is not ready, so I am not accepting that delivery!!

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