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Friday, 26 October 2012

Really and Truly

I really and truly enjoy what I do.  Though I've always been artistic and was raised by an artist, I ended up as a Social Worker for many years.  I worked the front lines in crisis response as a victim's advocate along side the major crimes unit of the police.  I remember spending many lunches in downtown Calgary visiting with my good friend Tanya.  At the time, Tanya was 'between jobs'.  I met her in a health food store while shopping and we fast became friends.  She told me she went to sewing school and got a job on an assembly line sewing things in a factory-like setting.  My jaw dropped.  'WOW - you mean you got paid to sew!?'

I looked at her with stars in my eyes, like I had just landed a lucky leprechaun.  

Though she shook her head at me and told me how much she hated it, I couldn't imagine a better job.  Paid to sew!? ... I was young, and I had never heard of that type of job.

unnamed, work in progress ready for hand stitching

Somehow I ended up where I am now - sewing the prairies.  I feel pretty lucky.  I am so happy that I feel I've found an artistic medium that suits me.  I'm so grateful that my work is going places.  I love to say, "I'm going to work" and then I sit down with a needle and thread, or I drive out some country road with camera in hand, chasing and capturing natural beauties to stitch.

detail of Autumn at Cranberry Flats, 2012

I'm grateful for all the opportunities that have come my way.  Blogging it has opened SO many doors.  I'm honored when my work affects people enough to cause them to react and love something I've made.  I like that I can still make a living while bringing some happy into someone's life.  It's not crisis response work, but it's all related I suppose.  Am I talking in circles?  Well, mostly I want to say thank you - that you keep coming back, for supporting me in my endeavors, for your reactions and interest in my creations, and for your company via comments along the way.

Flooded Prairie, 2012 (private collection)

So there you go.  I really and truly enjoy what I do.  If this is mid-life-crisis, I'd say it's turning out pretty well.  Linking to Friday Felicities  ...because I like it there!  : )


CitricSugar said...

It is always wonderful when someone's talents line up with their passions so that opportunities can happen.

Autumn in Cranberry Flats - I so love that piece!

Linda said...

It's not hard to tell you love what you do. And your passion spills over as inspiration for others. I just love to see what you are working on next. I am so in love with Flooded Prairie right now.

Danielle Hudson said...

Your unnamed work in progress looks like a storm is brewing. Love that ominous sky;)

Flo @ Butterfly Quilting said...

I like what you do too! It has been so amazing watching your style and techniques develop and change.
And I agree ....that sky looks so amazing...you seem to capture the prairies so perfectly.

Mary Ann said...

Well I'm grateful that you have found your artist medium because I enjoy visiting and seeing your wonderful creations.

The sky in the first piece looks awesome:)

Anonymous said...

Hi Monika
I absolutely love a real good thunder and lightening storm. The energy is "electrifying" and so is your unnamed piece. It is (at this split-second) my favorite! But I also have so many more favorites.
Incredible work!!

Ellie said...

Amazing how life works out sometimes isn't it?
I love what you do too and I like to come and see what you have been up to. :))

HollyM said...

I too love watching your process and seeing the finished artwork.
Good for you that you're on your way! It's wonderful work!

Kit Lang said...

We love that you do it too - so thank you! :)

Jenny Wren said...


liniecat said...

Youve found your niche and your skills have blossomed. lucky lass indeed : )

felicity said...

It's pure bliss when one's passion intersects with one's work. Enjoy! And thanks for linking up to Friday Felicities!

Vicki Miller said...

Ah, Monika, you are so talented that we just have to keep comming back to see what you've done. Congrats to you on your success, you deserve it

JennyPennyPoppy said...

You have definitely found your groove with sewing the prairies. Your pieces are fabulous! Wishing you a most lovely prairie Sunday.

Sheila said...

Monika , your work is incredible, I am in awe of what you do and so enjoy visiting to see your progress , it is not hard to see you love what you do and do well.

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