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Saturday, 8 September 2012

Sketchbooks at Night

AH the satisfaction of building new furniture and a completely organizing and decluttering my creative space!  I promised myself that I would only work while the kids were in school.  No more, "Mama is busy!"  However, tonight they were lying pretty low after an active day in the hot sun.  I relished in the moment of quiet and I sat down last night to contemplated the next commission.

I don't usually work at night any more, but the timing seemed right.  B requested a flax / canola field last spring.  My reminder note got misplaced... and I completely forgot.  She sent me a gently reminder via email.  I was so embarrassed!  She was so understanding.  (Thank you B.)  We talked once more and she gave me more details of what she was hoping for.

She loved the flax & trees in this one, but requested that the golden field in the distance be canola.  That's easy to swap a color.  I'll be adding more trees into the hills as well.  I sketched it all out, which is another thing I don't usually do.  This is a newer photo of mine and I haven't stared at it long enough to really know how I would stitch it out.

general preliminary ideas - the colors are suggestions

Sketching it out is such a good way for me to get to 'know' a scene.  As I draw each part of the landscape, ideas come to me as to what stitches I would use.  It becomes clear which aspects will be fabric, and with will be thread.  I end up knowing which parts will be done by machine and which will be hand embroidered.  I can't wait to start!  This feels good. 

I decided it was too late to blog.  I packed away the pencil crayons and looked around to find where my extremely quiet children were.  They weren't in the house.  It was 8:30 pm, and pitch black outside already.  I peeked into the back yard.  There they were.  : )  It was SO adorable that I grabbed the camera!!

Arwen in the garden at night - 8:30 pm in September : )


Anonymous said...

Hi Monika
Your picture of Arwen is priceless!!

Mary Ann said...

Lovely picture of Arwen:)

HollyM said...

How sweet it is when you can't find the kids and they're actually up to something good!
Love your sketch. It will be really pretty in fabric and stitch.

Ellie said...

I LOVE your picture of Arwen!!! :)

Bunny said...

Haven't been to visit for a while but saw your sno globes on quilting daily and was trying to figure out how they were done my daughter who is 32 always loved them when she was a little girl. Your work is amazing.
Hugs Bunny

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