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Thursday, 26 July 2012

Things I Love Thursday

Things I Love... I LOVE watching my kids together.  They are so quick, so funny, so imaginative... did I mention so funny?  Here's Liam trying to sneak up on some inanimate objects. 

Corbin and Arwen jump in from the left...and the races begin!

piggy back races in Kinsmen Park

These are the best children's park sculptures EVER I think : )  Saskatoon rocks for having a lot of interesting art.

We follow some paths...

We get to a sprawling split tree.  This part is full of them.  Is it me, or does it appear to you that one of them does know how to climb a tree!  lol  This is the funniest candid photo I've ever taken.  : )

Someone forgot how to climb a tree.

They managed to find a tree that appeared to be growing upside down.  !?  One yelled, "hold on!!" and they all jumped in.  I was in stitches.  : )

In SK, our trees grow from the sky down.

Don't worry.  They didn't pull it down.  It was just hanging that way.  I suppose it's my fault.  I'm not what you'd call mild-mannered.  My brain is pretty unconventional at times.  They think their mom is super funny.  I'm pretty outgoing and have no trouble talking to strangers.  My kids certainly know how to suck in their surroundings and are in constant adventure. 

Our family can't just 'stroll through a park'.  
We 'spectacle through'.  

I love that they are best friends, regardless of age or gender.  LOVE YOU GUYS!  Thanks for a super-fun day.  : )

All calm when they think the camera is out of sight!


B J Elder said...
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B J Elder said...

What wonderful memories are being made as you 'spectacle through'. Love it!

B J Elder said...
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Ellie said...

Oh it is lovely to see your children have such a great time together. :)
Those are some great sculptures they are playing on!

LynCC said...

What a blast! You got some fantastic shots of them. :) I particularly love the tug-o-war picture!

Christie DescribeHappy said...

Pure joy!! If ever there was an answer to what is the best part of having kids, I was lean toward this being the answer. The pure joy of everyone enjoying everyone's company. Simply lovely!

HollyM said...

How wonderful to see the kids exuberance! Somany are stuck inside these days.
It's nice that yours get along too. I had 3 , my daughter in the middle of two sons. They were always fighting.

greelyrita said...

How excellent that you're enjoying this period!! I could have enjoyed it more. Now it's gone.

Pieces of Sunshine said...

Life must be lots of fun in your family. Great looking park.

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