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Monday, 16 July 2012

Memory Quilt in Progress

I'm so happy I finally got my late cousin's clothing all interfaced and cut into 140+ eight inch squares.  They are trimmed perfectly.  What a lot of work that was.  Yesterday, I printed Aaron's photos onto special fabric.  I bought a pack of 6 pre-treated inkjet fabric sheets made by The Electric Quilt Company for this project.  I followed the instructions, and gosh-darn-it if it didn't work out just simply amazing!!  First, you print it.  Let it dry for a bit.  Then soak it in distilled water.  EASY.

Aaron's photo on fabric, soaking ten minutes.

None of the ink ran with the exception of the blackest parts.  All you do is swish it around in the water a bit more though.  SIMPLE.  Then you let them dry.  (Wasn't he a cutie!?)

Wrinkle lines appeared when it dried flat.  ???

The color is PERFECT, but once it dried there were curious lines or creases through the fabric.  That particular one above bothered me of course because it goes right through his face.  I was going to reprint, but I thought I would try pressing it first.  Good results!!

The crease is gone, the ink is fine.

Whew!  I'm happy about that.  I got all the photos printed out.  They are all dry and pressed and JUST like the original photos.  Some are colored differently just because they are from photos that are decades old.  They have an orangy look to them.

Fabric all dry and pressed.  That Superman is just the best!  : )

I am positive that his mother Steffi will be thrilled with the results of this!  I cannot get over how clear and perfect these fabric prints are!  I'm so impressed.

Made by his mother - a photo on fabric that will be part of the quilt.

I never met Aaron.  I learned about him the day I met some relatives for the first time at a family funeral.  It's been such a good experience to spend time with his photos and his clothing.  I feel like I get a chance to spend time with him in some ways.  Thank you Steffi.  ; )


Anonymous said...

My second quilt ever was a memory quilt for my mom. Those sheets work well but you can also buy specific fabric and quite easily use it - temporary adhesive onto paper and run it thru and then treat it the same. I'm planning an interconnected wall hanging that features my 5 soul sisters in the fall and will be printing several pictures. It's a fun project. Yours looks like a big one given the size and the memories attached - I'm sure your cousin will treasurer it.

Bee said...

What a beautiful tribute this will be!! I know his mother will be so blessed by this wonderful quilt. The photos are perfect! I have also used this same product with great success. Also, "Printed Treasures" works very well. I can't wait to see the finished quilt!

LynCC said...

Wow - those turned out really nice. Looks a little more vibrant than the fabric I've printed on in the past. I'm going to have to try this brand out. Thanks for sharing that.

What a special work of love you're putting together. And yeah - that Superman photo is awesome. :)

Anonymous said...

My first full size quilt was a memory quilt for my mom. I found the whole process very easy - I used speciality fabric which you stabilize iwth spray on paper and then treat the same as you treated yours.
This quilt will be treasured forever - you've threaded the pieces of their lives together for daily viewing. It's an idea that bears thinking about - my best friend's daughter died of cancer adn I have always wanted to do something commerative.

Threadpainter said...

Dear Monika,
Such a touching story of this cousin you didn't know and the horrific death of her son.
You are a very special lady to make this memory quilt for her ... she will be comforted by it .... wow, hard to keep the tears under control !

Steffi said...

Dearest Monika,

You are doing an amazing job with my baby's Quilt... the photos look awesome!!! I can hardly wait to see it all. My heart-and-soul-felt THANK YOU for taking on this project... I know Aaron is with you as you are labouring in love!

Aaron's Mom forever

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