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Sunday, 3 June 2012

When Fibre Artists Have Garage Sales

Oh, but aren't those the BEST kinds of garage sales!?  On Sunday afternoon, Flo and I headed out of town with my daughter to the farm & studio of Jane Evans, weaver & fibre artist.  She was clearing out her inventory to make way for her new life as a painter (due to hand problems).  Flo bought a beautiful woven painting at an outrageously low price.  You can see Jane's work here.  She weaves, paints, free motion stitches, and hand embroiders all on one piece to create her art.  Incredible! 

I bought a small woven mat Jane made.

I love the feel of this.  I think it's linen.  I also bought some specialty threads & yarns along with 8 meters of heavy white fabric that I can use like a canvas.  I got meters of Sulky stabilizer, and plenty of pretty linen and silk threads.  I was so happy to find lots of 90/14 Topstitch needles! They don't seem to be common and I love them, especially for threadpainting with 12 weight threads.

Holographic thread for water, and lots of interfacing too!

Oh!  And I got a good sized scroll frame too!  Would you be shocked to hear that I also purchased over one hundred and fifty spools of her thread?  It barely made a dent in her supply.  Approximately half of these are shades of green.  One bag is full of wooden spools too!  I learned some new words, like "Zwicky Ursus".  It's a brand of thread.  It's pretty fun to say.  "Hey, would you pass me some more Zwicky Ursus please?"  Haha.  Zwicky Ursus.  : )

Mettler & Gutermann solids, miscellaneous rayons and some silks.

Because!  You know... one can ever have too many greens.  I actually flipped the bags so that it didn't look all green for the photo.  I was working on a new piece just before heading out to her place, and the perfect green I had (which was a half used spool from a flea market) was exactly the right color.  I was scared of using it up!  As it turns out, Jane had just the right green!!

Well, thank you Jane!  It was so nice to meet you and see your artwork in person.  You can bet I will thoroughly use and enjoy all of these threads.  : )


Tammy Burks said...

Looks like you hit the mother load! Sounds like every fiber artists' dream! Love all those greens!

Cathy said...

Oh, how absolutely wonderful for you!!!!

Bernie said...

Small world - I used to work with Jane's husband before he retired to make canoes! I haven't thought about them in several years. I just cruised their sites. They are live life to the fullest and enjoy what we do kind of people just like you.

Stampmouse said...

Wow great score

Sheila said...

Lucky you , that was a great yard sale :-)

Grandma Coco said...

Ever since last year when I had that eye problem, I think a lot about what I'd do if I had to change course. It's sad to think Jane can't continue with what she once did but so encouraging to think she's got a whole new life ahead of her in painting. Good luck to her! You can't keep a creative person down!

Joanne said...

Lucky you!! You can never have too much thread.

greelyrita said...

Wow! Yummy!!

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