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Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Tips on Tuesdays -> Pressing

Hi!  I thought today would be a good day to do a tip.  I feel like I'm suddenly overflowing with them.  So here's the thing - I tell you a tip of mine, and you leave your favorite tip in the comments.  It's like take a penny, leave a penny.

Today's topic is Pressing.  Many of you have probably seen this product before.  It's about $5.  Like the label says, it's a 'starch'.  People use it prior to quilting or applique.  It helps the fabric to stay where it is by adding a little starch.  You simply spray it on and press.


I discovered that applying this solution will take out ANY and ALL wrinkles in the fabric!  Even stiff batiks that have been neatly folded for a year... hand dyed fabrics that hold on to those nasty rumples.  No kidding.  I tried hot, hot steam irons, and still some wrinkles just do not budge.  I thought I'd give a spritz of Best Press and sure enough, the nasty wrinkles are gone like magic.  Isn't that cool?

Got any pressing tips?  Please leave them in the comments for everyone to share.  If you'd like to find more useful tips like this one, you can click HERE which links you at all Tips on Tuesday posts at My Sweet Prairie.  Don't forget to read through the comments!  There's a wealth of knowledge in there!  ; )

Have a wrinkle-free day,


sherry said...

i have discovered the same thing...it works so well for stubborn wrinkles

Anonymous said...

Hi Monika,

I buy starch from the grocery store. It works much the same way as well. Spray it on and the fabric relaxes and takes out wrinkles as well.


Mary Ann said...

Very neat trick.

Sheila said...

I love this product , works like magic :-)

Bee said...

I also love Mary Ellen's! I have heard that regular starch left in fabric attracts bugs over time but this product does not. I like the scented versions too....especially the lavender.

Patti said...

My best tip is to listen to Monika's tips, lol! I love Best Press too...and the spray pump doesn't clog up like my spray starch does!

CitricSugar said...

That is very good to know!

As for pressing, I have to set up the board a little farther from my sewing machine than I'd like so I try to sew as much as possible at a time before moving everything to the iron. Often it means working on several different pieces of a project at once. Then I do as much pressing as possible before sewing. While the first few steps of a project seem to take a little longer, the finishing goes very quickly because all the parts are already ready to go.

Wendy said...

I agree, great product, a bit pricey though. There is a product very comparable. Not sure if it is available in Canada. It is Niagra, also lightly scented(or not) and non aerosol and is also for stubborn wrinkles. Price is around 2.00 for over twice the amount. Available at Walmart, Target, and grocery stores in the detergent aisle.
My tip: Store smaller projects and wall hangings wrapped around a pool noodle. No wrinkles.

KQ said...

Regular cold water in a plant sprayer bottle will also take out those nasty crinkles in your fabric. Something about the steam just makes them worse. Spray a little mist, and press with a hot dry iron. Works like a charm. H2O won't do that stiffening thing, though!

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