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Wednesday, 13 June 2012

So Many Challenges!

Challenges... as in themes.  Here's my WIP Wednesday installment.  Quilting Arts has a challenge to make in 8x8 art quilt featuring your 'Signature Color'.  Though I'm not sure I have an actual signature, I do know I have a favorite!!  It's chartreuse, no matter what.  So here is my work in progress.  It's due by the end of the month.

I heart chartreuse.  x o

That to-dye-for stormy sky was hand dyed and given to me by the very talented Heather Lair from Manitoba.  She's an award winning quilter from Gimli, Manitoba.  I'll stitch all that it by machine and by hand.  I made the bottom lumpy on purpose.  We'll just wait and see how I bling this on up.

Our guild's theme from the big 2013 biennial show was announced last night.  "Fanning the Flames"  Oooh that's a tough one, but I'm sure it will produce some amazing results from many of our members.  Me... I'm thinkin'!  I'm thinkin'.

We had very fun 'name that tune' challenge too last night.  Want to play?  Here's one of Flo's many entries.  I liked it so much that she gave it to me. : )))

'Name That Tune' challenge quilt

Here's my only entry.  I never did quilt our member "Sheila" like I had planned.  :(  I ran out of time Sheila!  Sorry!  I started "Leather & Lace" by Stevie Nicks and Don Henley, but never finished it.  I wanted to do Neil Young's "Harvest Moon" but thought someone else might do it.  No one did.  lol  I DID complete this one.  Beck from Solar Threads has already guessed it correctly.  Let's see if you can!  Take a look & guess.

"Name That Tune" challenge quilt

 Linking to The Needle & Thread Network.  ; )

See you soon!
~Monika K.


Mary Ann said...

Fun idea...but I have no idea what the song is:(

Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

lol neat idea!! nice pieces too. If I am guessing on Tuesday..it would be Ruby Tuesday...but I'm not sure what I'm doing...lol

Anonymous said...

What a great idea for Name that tune quilts! I cannot for the life of me guess your tune...still thinking...and on the Tuesday one too! So much fun!

Susan Being Snippy said...

well, since I am not quite sure which one you mean...
I am going with the Moody Blues, Tuesday Afternoon, but of course Ruby Tuesday fits it better because the Tuesday if done in RUBY fabric! and the second can only be one answer -- which took my brain about 3 minutes to work itself around to the title and author... Kodachrome, by Paul Simon!

HollyM said...

I never seem to get around to doing the QA challenges though I always think I will at the time.
Chartreuse is also my hands down favorite too. I've got half my house painted in it.
Can't wait to see how you finish your piece!

lej619 said...

I can see a nother song but cant seem to bring it out of the recesses of my mind. so for now i think I too will go with Kodachrome, by Paul Simon

greelyrita said...

Ooooh!! The 'Signature Colour' is looking promising!!

Our quilt guild called for rebus quilts. Were there ever some clever ones. I'm lousy at figuring them out. This 'name that tune' thing is similar. I so suck at these things. I'm sure yours is figure-outable, but not by me.

Jeanette said...

Fun project with the name that tune. And the chartruese is a beautiful color. Love the challenge piece you're working on.

ann said...

??????????? hip to be square a.k.a. hip to piece squares....nooooo? then I got nuthin'(sic)

Regina said...

Great projects, but I have no answers...

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