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Thursday, 24 May 2012

Things I Love Thursdays

I love driving on the highway.  Day... night... in thunderstorms or fog... I love it.

You just never know what lies ahead.  It's like treasure hunting.  I love waiting for surprises!

can you believe this photo!?  I love the colors ; )

I park on a grid road off highway #2.  I look one way - I see cows.  I LOVE cows.

They are looking right at me : ) 

I love those yellow buffalo beans.  We used to pick them for our mom every Mother's day.  As I sat there looking over the hills of the cow pasture, another surprise was waiting - watching...

WOW!  I was about to drive back down the hill when I noticed this hawk RIGHT beside me.  I love hawks.  : )  Ohh!!! and I love trains!  All along highway 2 were hundreds and hundreds of cars on the track, split apart for every road the left the highway.  Incredible.

sections of train that went on from Young, SK on Highway #2 all the way to Highway #16

It went on and on and on and ON!  I had this incredible urge to park and climb up on to the top of one to get a photo of how long that line went.  You know - trains come with ladders.  : )

Annette and her husband totally smirked at me when I told them about my idea.  I was going to do it after class.  They cautioned me, "just don't get caught!!"  Since I was wearing orange, I completely chickened out.  I figured that getting arrested would be bad.  My kids were waiting for me to come home and play with them after all.  : )

I do love my children.  So mama stayed in the van and drove home with a clean record.  Bye cows!

Don't you just love when the water appears more blue than the sky!?  I do!   : )


Pam said...

Beautiful photos, you could have a career as a photographer as well.

elle said...


heartsofhampshire said...

Stunning photographs, cant wait to visit Canada next year.
Heather xx

Flo @ Butterfly Quilting said...

you are too funny !! I can just see you climbing up a train ladder!!
Great pictures.

Ellie said...

These are lovely shots. That is a big blue sky, it seems to go on forever.

Dolores said...

Gorgeous shots. I too love trains and used to wait for the caboose. My dad gave me my love of trains.
Beautiful shot of that hawk. What kind of a camera do you have?

Anonymous said...

OK, this is a very old post, but I just had to comment..because those are our cows! :D I zoomed in on one of the tags to see it better..I thought I recognized the pasture! Aren't they cute? Cows make me feel relaxed and content and at peace with the world. - Katie D.

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