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Friday, 13 April 2012

Teaching at 'The Studio on 9th'

I'm running two more Creative Quilted Postcards Workshops back to back at Judy McCrosky's 'Studio on 9th' in Saskatoon.  Judy opened up a teaching studio space that now offers a huge list of classes from some terrific local quilters & teachers at a very low cost.  I think all the classes are about $25/3 hrs plus kit fees. 

poppy swap from last November @ Postcard Cottage

Just a reminder to those of you who have signed up for postcards with me, one class is Monday night from 6pm to 9pm, and the other is Tuesday afternoon from 1 pm to 4 pm - THIS WEEK!  All you have to bring is your sewing machine and thread.  It would be helpful to have a couple of prewound bobbins with standard white thread ready to go  I supply all the fabric, stabilizer, and bling.  I also have handouts for you to keep and (tada!) everyone gets fabric glue compliments of Lapel Stick.  (Isn't that cool?)  Thank you Lapel Stick!  If you are looking for this product locally, Michelle carries now it at Periwinkle's.

a fun theme we did at Bernie's Attic  : )  lots of interesting fabrics and techniques

If you are thinking, 'darn!  I missed it!', we do have one spot available in each class I think.  I suggested a maximum six each, and Judy has ten people signed up (5 & 5).  Her contact info is HERE.   Check out all the classes!  I signed up for handquilting in May!  I can hardly wait!  See you then...

'My Favorite Pumpkin Recipe' swap at Postcard Cottage  (recipe on the back)

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