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Sunday, 1 April 2012

Seeing Spots - Thank you! Thank you!

I mean that literally!  My wall at Gardenscape was covered with red dots (i.e.) sold stickers.  I always have my enjoyment of my art, and your wonderful comments here in blogland, but what an amazing experience to see people's reactions to my work in person.  My face hurts from smiling.  I was there from 11 to 6 pm on Sunday only.  I have 2 pieces still available.  I sold seven and gained two commissions.   My next show will be at the Forestry Farm House on Sunday, May 27th as part of a group exhibit.  This one is still available.

7x9" October's Eve, 2012

Haha - see the stray green thread laying on the sky?  Ooops.  It isn't in the actual piece, but must have landed there for the photo op. 

So I did it!  I survived March.  W O W.  Like I said, in like a lion, out like a lion.  I think March 2012 packed in enough accomplishments to last a year.  2 art shows, 2 national magazines features, provincial jurying and acceptance in to the National Juried Show.  HOLEY MOLEY.  This Wednesday I'm booked as the guest speaker for the Bridge City NeedleArts Guild!  (They have a huge double display up at the Centre Galleries right now if you want to see!)

* * * Thank you to everyone who purchased my work at Gardenscape.  I will contact you all this week to arrange delivery to those who don't have them yet.  I am so very grateful, but still unsure what to do about all the "you are NOT charging enough for your work" comments.

p.s.  I bought art too you know.  It's my first time ever!  I purchased this little 6x6" painting from local painter Nicki Ault.  It's called 'Distant Windbreak'.  THANK YOU NICKI!  It's super-beautiful.


Nicki said...

What a hugely successful weekend for you Monika! I am so proud of you and excited to see such a gifted artist being recognized for her amazing work... by way of sales, printed word and by juries! Oooo-eeee!

And thank you for helping to make my weekend so successful too! I hope you love the painting more and more each time you look at it.

XO Nicki

HollyM said...

Congratulations! That must have been so much fun!
I love the painting that you bought as ell. Her work i exquisite. I went to look.

Leanne said...

Wonderful news! I think that one of the best ones is left.

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