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Tuesday, 10 April 2012

For The Birds.

Pictures from the park this week... all taken within a couple of minutes.  We have a lot of birds around here.  Does anyone know if the pelicans have returned to the weir in Saskatoon?  Oh the other day, the evergreens were FULL of chirping, but I couldn't see them.  Most likely chickadees?  Here's what I did see...

crow several stories up

ducks on ice

Canada goose swimming

more ducks on ice - brrr not my kind of date!

What a beautiful goose!  This one isn't sure about getting in the cold water.  : )

p.s.  The other morning I was out running with my daughter, when two big flocks of robins flew over!  I have never seen robins in a flock - ever.  The coolest thing was that the morning sun was low enough that the undersides of the birds' orange-red tummies were all lit up against the blue sky!  Oh I  * W I S H E D *  I had my camera with me.  It was stunning.


Patti said...

The pelicans are back already...early last week, I believe. And I saw a flock of robins too! It was little bit Twilight Zone-ish for me...weird and neat all at the same time! Our bluebirds are back and so are the meadowlarks. They've been back for about 2 weeks. Wish it would get a bit warmer for them!

Anonymous said...

Love birds :). There are actually a couple bald eagles nesting in the nearby town of Port Colborne. No, I didn't see them, just read the article in the paper.
Stay inspired!

Faith said...

Oh, I wish you had your camera, too! The only time I remember seeing a flock of robins was when we had a mulberry tree and they were all drunk on over ripe berries! I didn't have a camera back then, but it was so funny to see. more a video than single shot moment.

liniecat said...

Ive never seen more than one robin at any one time! what a magical sight that must have been.
But last week I did see, for the first time ever.......a mallard bonking a poor lady duck!
He had her pinned on the floor, chittering at her neck with his beak......on a narrow strip of grass between two busy roads!

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