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Thursday, 8 March 2012

Things I Love Thursdays

I love snow.  There's not much you could ever say to make me change my mind about that.  I love snow.  I love winter.  It's fresh and crisp and bright and makes life fun.  We had a HUGE dump and with the weather so mild & sunny, we've spent hours and hours just playing in it.

I love noticing interesting shots while I'm busy stitching in my studio.  : )

I love that there are a few people who feel the same way as I do.  I checked in last week at the SaskMade Marketplace store, and all my snowglobes were sold!  : )



JillsyGirl Studio said...

Well then, you live in the perfect place! Love that owl shot! I didn't know you made snowglobes...how cool...I, too, love them! Have a great day, Monika!

Dolores said...

I love snow too and I love shovelling it. We have not had any to shovel this winter. This morning it is 16 C but will drop this afternoon to 6 C. Rain drizzles is what's on outside so that makes it a dull day to quilt.
I do like your owl. Did you make it?

Annette said...

Us prairie gals jusst love the snow. Each season has it's own little something to offer and make it special.

I was checking out your class dates not sure if there is an error or and extra class the link hasdifferent dates than your header.

Are your willing to travel to teach. I migth be able to get soem ladies together for thread painting. Watrous is about 1hand 15m depending on how fast you are driving.

in stitches

HollyM said...

I am as enamored with winter as you are. The owl shot is beautiful. I also didn't know you did snow globes. I love them!
We have about 4 ft of snow here but today is unseasonably mild. We plan to head out on the snowshoes around 4pm.

Annette said...

I reread the info and the studio is on 9th I read it as at the sudio on the 9th....... I blame the drugs the doc put me on.... bronchitis ( might be misspelled)
in stitches

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