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Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Number Forty-Two

Happy Spring Equinox!  Not much to report around here except that I'm continuing to complete many, many Prairie Postcards.  Here is mail art #42!

Mmmmm, makes me happy!!  That sweeping sky and the pretty yellow....  I love the prairies (but you already know that).


Christie DescribeHappy said...

Ah! Your postcards really are incredible! Each one so unique and wonderful. And I'm ashamed to say that I went back to look at my lake piece and found chocolate brown trees. ugg... part of me wants to embrace them since they are already sewn down.. the other part is very concious about the color of trees conversation. I'll be posting a picture of it tomorrow.

Vicki W said...

OMG, I LOOOOVVVVVVVVVVVEEEE this one! I love all of them but there's something special about that sweeping sky.

Zoe said...

All of your postcards are beautiful. Everytime I see these posts it makes me happy. Keep up the great work!

Bernie said...

You keep portraying the prairie as flat - I hope your out of province blog readers don't interprete our province that way from your postcards. There are all sorts of wonderful hills and coulees to add depth and plenty of trees to add texture. Don't shot the messenger - remember I too am a confirmed prairie lover - I just wanted to remind everyone that Saskathchewan is full of diversity.

Monika Kinner-Whalen / My Sweet Prairie said...

I know! ; ) It's just the part that resonates with me. We have forests, thousands and thousands of lakes, dunes, hills, rocky islands... I just sew what I love. The big flat & open makes me happiest. Maybe I'm claustrophobic? : )


Kit Lang said...

"the big flat and open" makes me happy too. :)

Happy spring!

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