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Friday, 16 March 2012

Learning New Things

On Wednesday...

          I tried hooking a second piece with 1/4" fabric strips.  I gosh-darn love it!  I am hooked.

Prairie Rug Art #2

On Thursday...

          I was lucky enough to take a wet felting sculpture class from June Jacobs.  No kidding!  It was part of the university class I'm in.  It was my fourth try at felting, and my first try at wet felting.  Sadly for me... I still do not enjoy felting.  Like, I really don't.  :(  I rolled it for three hours and ended up with dish-pan hands, sore shoulders, and what feels like cactus prickles in my fingers and palms.  Wool plus hot water plus detergent is just not a fun thing for me.  Maybe if I could felt something that didn't look entirely like crap, I might get over the aweful tactile sensation of creating it in the first place.  But no.  I pretty much suck at felting.  And I'm okay with that.  I'll just enjoy what other people make.

petals on a vine

!?????   (the reason I don't felt.)  Seriously!

On Friday...

          I took the first of a four part class on Wonderfil threads at Creative House.  It was basic quilting / sewing thread first.  It was SO nice to just play - not sew for anyone or anything.  I haven't quilted in forever.  I spent the entire year threadpainting it seems.  I was actually surprised how easy it was to quilt again!  I had so much control and ease while free motion quilting.  Practice does make better, I just hadn't planned that all the threadpainting would be the practice for my quilting.

Tutti Wonderfil on black.  mmmm!

Very fun.  I forgot that my Horizon doesn't exactly look like everyone else's!  : )

Pretty Penny and her bling

They all laughed and made jokes.  "How do you not get distracted while you sew!?"  lol  I'm paranoid.  I don't trust that a sewing machine technician wouldn't get my machine mixed up with all the others.  So I added some laptop stickers from the dollarstore.  Sweet.

Now it's the weekend, and we will spend most of it outside on our bikes.  WOOHOO!

yes, even my old bike has stickers on it. ; )


Anonymous said...

ooo - monika! i LOVE the stickers! what a neat idea! my eldest son painted the front of my washing machine many years ago and it never fails to make me smile! i say 'hooray for personalization!'

Kitchener Quilter said...

Monika, did you see the latest edition of Canadian Geographic? There is an excellent article on Grasslands National Park. Thought of you. This former Sask. resident looks for anything from home. That's why I love your blog.

karin said...

Felting... is no laughing matter. Just kidding. I am sure you could make more of felting. The guys I worked with this wee made their 'square' in about 15-30 minutes... so I wonder if that method would suit you better. Get in touch if you want to know more... it is a common method with bubble wrap... but honestly I think too much is made of how tricky felting is.

I love the stickers... I must do that too... I will give it some thought. You may have started a trend.

Margaret said...

I've got to admit, I don't like felting either -- wet, dry, knit/machine washed -- none of it. If I want labour intensive, I'll stick to hand embroidery -- better bang for my buck, I say!

P.S. Hope your shoulders and hands are feeling better now! You came awfully close to surgery once....

Elsa said...

Great idea putting stickers on your machine ~ love them and I'm going out to find some for mine!
Love the prairie rug and the machine quilting!

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