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Friday, 16 March 2012

In Two Weeks... Gardenscape!

Two!?  Wow that came fast.  Gardenscape is in two weeks.  I'll have my art there for sale!  Here's how it works.

gearing up with lots of business cards!

Gardenscape is Friday, Saturday, and Sunday (March 30, 31, April 1).  There is a large area in Hall A at Prairieland Park in Saskatoon where you will find art - all landscape or floral themed.  You will find fibre, photographs, and paintings of all types and sizes.  If you see something you like, you tell the volunteers in that area and they will mark it sold with a red dot.  They will take your contact info and give you the artist's contact info.  At least that's how it worked last year.  The art must remain for the entire weekend.  The artists will contact the buyers once the show is over to arrange for delivery.  I am not sure if the art area needs payment on the spot to mark it sold or not.  I'm pretty sure people paid me directly upon delivery... but it's best to be prepared just in case.  I am happy to pay the cost of shipping for any out-of-town buyers.

Spring 2011

I'm going to put my framed threadpaintings up the night before the show starts.  Everything I put up will be available to purchase - I promise!  I won't put up presold items.  This is more of a sale than a show, and the display boards aren't huge.  I have eight pieces right now to go up ranging from $150 to $310.  I won't have my postcards for sale there - those are for another occasion.  ; )

Gardenscape is an annual trade show - GIGANTIC - featuring plants, food, decks, gazebos, sheds, trailers, hot tubs, barbeques, landscaping and of course - gardening.  There is a fee to get in.  People come from all over the province to shop at this event.  Last year, tens of thousands of people came through the doors!  It's big - so bring your walkin' shoes!  I'll be hanging out to volunteer on Sunday - the last day of the show.  Please do say hello!


HollyM said...

i wish I could be there! Good luck!

Nicki said...

I'm excited! Thanks for all the tips you've given me for my wall! I hope we will work together for a bit on Sunday!


Serackfamily said...

Hi Monika! I showed my daughter Tea your gallery of art work, and she was like WOW, and "it looks real, like a photograph!" she was stunned by how good your art with thread is. We just made woven baskets with tshirt strips, so we found your rug to be very interesting, since that is another thing you can make with strips of tshirt material. For Camp Fire's National Art project this year, the theme is Fiber arts, and i've decided to show my camp fire girls your fiber art as an example of really cool things you can do with thread!

Pieces of Sunshine said...

Sounds huge Monika! Hope it all goes well for you. Do you still have your business cards printed at Vista Print?

Christie DescribeHappy said...

I hope you have an amazing show... I'm sure it's an impressive sight to take all that garden-y goodness in!!

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