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Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Tips on Tuesdays! -> Spools

It's been a long time!  Today I feel like doing a Tips on Tuesdays post.


Remember those?  I post a topic and you add as many related tips in the comments section as you like.  It's like take a penny, leave a penny.  : )  You can see all the Tips on Tuesdays posts by going to the My Tutorials link at the top of this blog.  The topic I'm picking for today is Thread Spools.  Why?  I bought these big 1000 meter spools of Wonderfil, and the spool cap doesn't have room.  These spools are just a little too long for my Janome and for my Kenmore.  See?

You go like that... and this happens...  PLOP.

I was trying to chop off the spool's tube end, but that was a big disaster.  Then (eureeka!) I turned the spool cap around.  The pokey park slips right inside the spool tube.  See?

 : )  It works like a charm.  Easy.

Tada!  I feel like Dora the Explorer when she runs into a complication and calmly orders the panicking monkey to "Let's stop and think".  : )  haha

Any tips you'd like to share on the topic of threads / thread spools?  What do you do when something doesn't fit?



HollyM said...

Shows what I know! I've been putting mine on whichever way it fits without even realizing I was doing it.
I recently discovered i could sew with 2 threads on top and in the same needle for a heavier thread painting. did I read that with you or somewhere else? It works well.

Wendy said...

Monika I come up against the exact same problem just a week or so ago and remedied it the same way with my Horizon.

Wendy said...

Monika I come up against the exact same problem just a week or so ago and remedied it the same way with my Horizon.

Rhonda G said...

I do the same here with my spools. But I also found that the other end it can come off and wrap around the end post. So I cut a pc. of foam in a large circle, then made my center hole, and put it on the end of the spool. Problem fixed.
I also had DH make me a custom spool rack which I can load with several spools of thread and they stand upright. The bottom is indented so that the post of the thread spool fits snuggly down in (no thread dropping to the bottom and wrapping around the post) - it feeds off the top, up through a hole in the wood, then over to my machine. Love it for when I'm doing embroidery on my machine and have lots of color changes.

Rhonda G said...

To Holly's comment above... I use to do a lot of dog breed specific quilts to sell at the big dog shows. Some of the dogs coat colors required multi colored thread which I couldn't find suitable with the current threads on the market. To get a blue roan for example, I started mixing my silver and black threads and running them both through the needle at once. It worked great.

elle said...

I just learned about these caps. A big one that slants away from the spool with its thread slot guides the thread away from that slot and no more screeching halts! lol

lej619 said...

LOL i have only used it with the tip thing inward. have not have any success with turning it around with the tip pointing out. little did i know.
P.S. you do GORGEOUS work!!! i have all these thoughts (ideas) in my head but can't seem to get them out and into postcards. I guess i just need to start and maybe then it will start to come together. thanks for all the inspirations you have given me.

queenopearls said...

I'm still trying to find a way to let those flat, holographic threads roll out flat rather than over the top or rattle to and fro on my machine's upright thread holder.
~Christina in Cleveland

queenopearls said...

A big thank you to Elle for her tip and ... Rhonda.... I would like your husband to make me one of those spool holders too please. Pretty, PRETTY please!!!
~Christina in Cleveland

Christie, Describe Happy said...

For my big cone spools that don't fit up there... I feed them from a short vase I place behind my machine. I really want to give the two threads through one needle a try!! Bet it's great for blending and texture!

Patti said...

Ha Monika! You're awesome! That's the saying about new discoveries never begin with "Eureka!" they usually begin with "that's funny...."

Becky said...

Yep, I do that too. I just need to figure out how to sew with those big cones now... I'm really frugal, so I like to use up "orphan" bobbin thread by using them on the top peg. Works great!

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