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Sunday, 19 February 2012

Sunday Snapshots

Earlier this week, I awoke before the sun was up.  We were draped in thick fog overnight.  Once things began to light up, I sat and watched the bare trees grow Hoar Frost.  It was amazing - just like a magnet picking up metal filings.   Awesome, and super pretty once the sky lit up in brilliant blue!

branches at my son's window

See how the frost grows in one direction?  (Toward the sun.)

Then she sky turned blue as ever, and the frost slowly melted away later in the day.  Sure was pretty!!

Happy Sunday!



LynCC said...

Wow - that is so beautiful!! Thank you very much for sharing.

HollyM said...

Isn't that frost just amazing! I don't think I've ever seen like that except for some pictures on the weather the other night of a similar frost in PEI.

felicity said...

GORGEOUS photos today, Monika. Almost makes me miss Ontario winters. Almost.

Nicki said...

It was beautiful wasn't it? Magical, really.

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