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Saturday, 11 February 2012

- - - Saturday Stitches - - -

Welcome to Saturday Stitches, where you watch me learn embroidery stitches!  You can find all Saturday Stitches posts in the "Tutorials" link at the top of my blog.  Enjoy!

Yesterday, I went to stitch with Margot.  She was awesome - had everything set out including books and various sized threads.  I came away with a Bullion Knot!  I tried it before and sadly failed.  This time, I nailed it!  : )  Awesome.  Thank you Margot.  Cat tails, here I come!

Start like this.

a long enough needle is helpful

easy does it.

then back down where ever you want

Tada!  There you go.  You can make them as long or short as you like, with as many or little wraps as you choose.  If you wrap ten times onto a long ending stitch, it will look like a cat-tail.  If you wrap ten times on the perfect length, it looks like a wormy.  : )  If you wrap ten times and don't stitch far at all, then it loops itself, which would be very pretty in a floral piece perhaps!

Have a good one!
: )


Kit Lang said...

Love the soup! :) If you keep doing this enough, you may actually tempt me to learn to embroider. Perish the thought! :w:

Anonymous said...

i was going to clear up the confusion about spelling, but i see spell check has done it for you! and it is a perfect day for soup...

PrairiePeasant said...

I have tried that stitch with mixed success, but your post is an encouragement to try again. It is perfect for cat tails!

liniecat said...

I can finally see where Im going wrong lol brilliant, thanks!

HollyM said...

Very nice. I can do it when I'm really paying attention but I often am careless and get it tangled.

Unknown said...

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