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Saturday, 18 February 2012

Monika Goes Macro

Margot taught me this terrific stitch last week.  She learned it from Jan Beaney.  I've tried finding it in books, but can't see it anywhere.  It's a type of knot that is four times as much work as a french knot.  No kidding.  As soon as I saw it, I knew it would be prefect for those photos I took of the neighbor's yard - remember the Spirea (you can click to go back to the original photos I took.)

stitched - 'Spirea over the Snowbank'

The knots kind of look like cloves, don't they?  The actually seed pods were five pointed, but this is great I think!  It sure beats filling the piece with french knot do-nuts.  That just wouldn't look right. I put the whole piece on white batting & a dryer sheet to look like snow.  I LOVE that. : )  I'll make a few more.  I have a three-window frame that it might look great in.

Go check out the cool photos if you haven't already!  I could stitch them for ever! ; )


HollyM said...

I couldn't tell without enlarging the picture that it was stitched. It is beautiful!

Ellie said...

That is very lovely Monika, you have done a great job with it.

haddie said...

Beautiful work I could not tell it was stiched..... I too have never heard of that stich would like to know how to do it too

deanna7trees said...

perfect interpretation of the flower.

Mary Ann said...

Very pretty and very realistic. I had to enlarge it too:)

lisette said...

it's a beautiful stitch! could you please share the technique? :)

Judy Wood said...


PrairiePeasant said...

I had to take a second look to see that the photo you were referring to was actually your stitching and not the real thing! Well done!

Margaret said...

Check online resources (or your library) for what might be out of print: Stitches: New Approaches by Jan Beaney -- published by Batsford Classic Embroidery, UK, last reprinted (my copy anyway), in 2005. Also A Tale of Two Stitches -- which I think has your 'cloves' in it -- by Jan Beaney & Jean Littlejohn -- expensive, Book 11 of their textile art series. Enjoy! :-0

Faith said...

WOW!! This is a remarkably beautiful rendition of your photo! What is the stitch called? Where can I learn to do it?

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