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Sunday, 11 December 2011

Out with the Old, In with the New

Oh my... I sincerely hope I don't lose any blog followers over this post!  lol  Here I go!  It's my annual 'before & after' shots.


Brace yourself.  

Art is messy.


It's a nice space with vaulted ceilings and a huge 5+ ft wide window.  But it's cleaning time baby!  ; )  I spent a day and a half on this.  Here's what I did.  See the shelf on the left there?  It's gone.  I don't have closets, so now I have four bookshelves on the wall opposite to the window.  It's terrific actually because you can't see any of my 'stash' from anywhere in the house.  You only see the sides of the bookcases.  It's brilliant.  I can see my stash, but no one else can.  Plus it's all free of direct sunlight.

So here is my revamped workspace!  All are evening photos with artificial light.

Here's the tour...

As you can see, I can't stand to sew on a little end table.  I've seen those 'studio' magazines.  Ew.  I need SPACE.  Both machines have big, flush surfaces so there's never drag. The Janome is the perfect thread painter & free motion quilter.  The Kenmore is terrific at straight piecing and finishing postcards.  Both are on all the time.  They use the same needles and bobbins which is very cool.

I had a huge cutting surface, but since I do a lot of small work I decided to use the extra surface space for more art... sketching or painting or photographing or framing or hand stitching.  Here's that space now.

Night photo - but by day this is flooded with natural light & big blue sky in view.

My space has two large 'L' shaped desks side-by-side.  I make surfaces even bigger with unused doors.  Doors make perfect craft tables.  They are HUGE : )  To the left of that photo is the other 'L' of this desk, where I blog. 

There you go - all set up.  My surgery is Monday afternoon, and then I'll have this to look forward to.  Sketchbooks awaiting!  An electric pencil sharpener is on my list.  OH!  Speaking of which, my holiday shopping is ALL DONE.  Yup.  : )  I'm feeling some major freedom over that one.

good night!  : )


Leanne said...

Good luck with the surgery! You have a lovely space for working in.

Bee said...

Your workspace is wonderful!!! It is so inviting and you are so smart to have this all cleaned and organized before your surgery! I am also jealous that you have all your holiday shopping done!! I haven't started mine yet! Yikes!!

Anonymous said...

Your studio space is fantastic!! I need to figure out how to organize my space better!!

Poppyprint said...

Wow! Great revamp. All that light is so awesome. I've got some tidying to do before family arrives over the holidays. Yikes. I think I'll enlist my kids who are out of school SO early this year on the 16th!!

Joanne said...

Great studio! All your hard work sure payed off.
Good luck with the surgery.

Caty said...

A-MAZING!!!! Isn't it just awesome to revamp like that and make it feel like you have a whole new room?! That happens a lot in our house ;-)

Sending you "get well quick" vibes after your surgery!

Judee said...

Great job on the reorganization. Good luck with the surgery.

Christine L said...

Doesn't it feel great when you have a wonderful and organized room to go to! I do want to say THANK YOU for the comment about the Janome and Kenmore using the same bobbins and needles... I want to get a better machine for quilting, but hate to give up my Kenmore..(Kenny) has been a workhorse.. He's a fighter and a good piecing machine.

Anonymous said...

Best wishes for a quick recovery.
Beautiful studio :)

Nicki said...

Monika, it looks terrific! It will be a real treat to come home to that workspace. I hope the surgery goes smoothly. Take care!

*by the way I saw your show at The Centre galleries. I loved ALL of your pieces. You are so talented.

Ellie said...

What a great room and you have done a brilliant job.
Hope today goes well and you recover quickly :))

Linda Coleman said...

what a wonderful work space.
Will you come and sort out my space for me?
Best wishes for your surgery.

jackie said...

I hope all goes well, you have a wonderful work space to get back to.

Kiwi said...

It looks great Monika! Good for you to get that tidied up before your surgery. It will be such a nice reminder of what's to come...good luck on your surgery!! Take care, Kerrie

Lori said...

that's a pretty organized space to contain such a creative soul, I like the first picture! where did you find such a long cutting mat? wow
wishing you a smooth surgery and speedy recovery

jojo said...

genial et le tapis de coupe superbe ou en trouves t on ?bisesssssssssssssssssssssssss

elle said...

very efficient and attractive. You've much to look forward to!

Gailanne said...

Hi Monika, you sure have been busy! That room of yours is one beautiful space, I love everything you've done in there along with the paint color and window! BRAVO!

You're probably having your surgery as I type this, I had it too, so don't worry...it's going to be such a relief. I know about those nights when your arm aches so bad, you can't get comfortable to sleep. I got instant relief from the surgery, a little sore for a couple days, but give it four weeks or so, and you'll be good as new and ready to create up a storm!

Keeping you in my heart and prayers, let us know how you are when you can.

Stay blessed!

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