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Tuesday, 22 November 2011

A Very Merry My Sweet Prairie

Saskmade Marketplace on 8th Street in Saskatoon now has four of my snowglobes.  I was going to put some in the gallery, but 4 is all that's left. Each shatter-proof globe has 2 back-to-back little stitched landscapes in them.  The globes are being sold for just over $30 with commission going to the store.  They are pretty cute!  I won't be making more of these until next winter.  If you buy one, I hope you have fun with it.

p.s.  I pulled my art out, finished them, & stitched a little surprise into each one before delivering them to the store.

I hope you love the details! ; )  Saskmade Marketplace is open until 8pm on weeknights right now, and they are open on weekends during the day.  You can also find them on Facebook.  They have a lot of delicious local food products in there as well as art, crafts, and skin care products.

And to Nova Scotia's Thistle Quilt Guild - our postcards are coming your way!  Our guild had a little show & tell of ours on Monday night and then addressed them all to you.  : )


quilthexle said...

Your snowballs are awesome !!! I have a - maybe dumb - question: is that really a little quilt (made from fabrics and thread) which lives now in water permanently? I just wonder whether this could result in a molding quilt (and I would hate seeing one of your lovely creations ruined!!) ?

Anonymous said...

: ) They are picture holders. You can remove the base and there's a little slot inside to slip photos into - they don't get wet at all. When I saw it, I was shopping for frames for my stitched art and thought WOW - I can use this!! Pretty neat hey!??

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