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Saturday, 26 November 2011

In the Spirit of Giving

Hello!  When I was a kid watching our 2 channels, I always wished I had money to give to Foster Parent's Plan.  Those commercials always made me cry.  Today, the same organization is called Plan Canada.  I've bought gifts each season for a couple years now.  They are the non-denominational group with the Gifts of Hope catalogue.  Here's my idea this season...  I am putting up my 'Snips n Snails' child-sized quilt for auction.  They highest bidder by midnight December 1st will have the quilt mailed to them (shipping is on me).  The money you agreed to buy the quilt for will be used 100% toward Gifts of Hope.  I will post the "highest bid" at the bottom of this post as they come in.

If you are interested, all you need to do is email your bid to me  

Once the announcement is made as to how much the quilt has sold for, I will contact that person with info on how/where to send payment (snail mail or paypal).  The quilt will me mailed once the payment to me has cleared.  At that time I will order "gifts of hope" in the winner's name.  I'll post the gifts so everyone can see.  The winner will remain anonymous unless I'm instructed otherwise. Cool?  Here's the quilt.

embroidered mushrooms, snails, and dragonflies

the binding

retro 70's solids, straight line quilting

Look!  It's practically famous.  It was on the Summer 2011 cover issue!

The quilt measures approximately 64" x 48", has 80/20 Hobbs batting, and a flannelette backing for extra cuddliness.  The auction has now ended.  Congratulations to the highest bidder!!

"E" put in a bid for $200.oo

"C" just bid $160.oo
Whoopee!  : )

"P" just bid $150.oo
Thank you!  Talk about turning up the heat! : )

"M" just bid $65.oo
thank you!

 * * Bidding to start at $ 49.oo.* *

I will update it as the bids come in!  Charity auction ends Midnight December 1st.

thank you!


My Sweet Prairie said...

Oooh! First bid came in. I'm so excited! Thank you M!

HollyM said...

How very generous of you! It's a sweet quilt.

Poppyprint said...

What a great idea! Good luck with your auction!

Patti said...

This is such a great cause! And what a generous thing to do! I hope people dig deep and bid your quilt right up there! It is the spirit of giving that makes the holiday season special!

Erron said...

Gorgeous Monika. I love it.

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