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Friday, 4 November 2011

Friday Finishes

Look at this little gem!  I love her.  She is a mini 4x6 adaptation of Poles Along Highway 7, without the poles.  This one is completely threadpainted.  I added little blue flowers instead of poles.  Ain't she sweet!!?

Highway Seven in Summer

As Pretty Penny appears to be on her last legs with a faulty motor (Horizon), I got a good start on another threadpainting.  It's from my latest crappy cell-phone picture I took through the truck window as we headed up over Circle Drive where you can see over the harvested field in the University grounds.  The colors were all so gorgeous.

...nearly finished.

I love the colors so much.  There was a bit more brush in the scene that I will add to give it more dimension.  But I got the colors down just perfectly, and I am loving the sky so much!!  : )  Can you tell I'm happy?


Sheila said...

They are both wonderful pieces of art , love them!

Wendy said...

Sorry Monika, but what stands out to me in your post are the words "faulty motor" and "Horizon" Please tell me you are not talking about your machine? Well actually I need to know if it is your machine you are referring to. Mine is supposed to be delivered on Monday and I have been trying to do my homework on which machine to get...any advice??

Wendy said...

Oh dear I forgot to mention how awesome your little "quilts" are. Love Hi-way 7. You sure have the knack!

elle said...

ooooh! Last legs leaves a lump in the throat. But then there is the swallow as I take in sky, bush, the wonderful texture. You've nailed it!

Christie, Describe Happy said...

Pardon me while I gush... those are incredible!! The detail, the colors, the adorable flowers!! Amazing!! And want to wish you an amazing show tomorrow!!!

Joanne said...

I can imagine you are happy! They are amazing!!

PrairiePeasant said...

Gorgeous! You've taken me right there to the moment you snapped the image.

Karen said...

I *LOVE* that curve of Highway Seven in Summer. Monika, your work takes my breath away. I'd love to see you stitch; have you ever considered posting a short video of you stitching one of these beauties? Maybe you could ponder that :) Good luck with your show - wish I could be there.

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