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Monday, 24 October 2011

You Want Talent? We Got It!

I wanted to show off a whole bunch of of things from the show, with permission from the makers.  I started snapping some photos and when I mentioned I was taking them for my blog, I got some some looks.  You know, the look of shock and disapproval.  I know this is a touchy subject, and I got completely embarrassed and put my camera away.  The first few pics I did take were the products of a few quilters I have talked to a lot, so when I asked them, they happily consented.  I apologize that I didn't take photos of EVERYTHING, because truly, EVERYTHING was incredible.  Here are some of my friends' exhibits that did make it onto my camera.  They are on this blog with permission.

"Roberto Ferrari" with "Rudy", by Cindy Ganes.  Original pattern is Chicken Shaman by Eleanor Peace Bailey.

THE CHICKENS!  Okay - hands down, this was my favorite.  I couldn't help but go right up to them and burst out laughing!  Look at their poses!  Look at the knee joints!  On closer inspection, they also happen to be incredibly gorgeous.   Look at those tail feathers!  Cindy, I love these guys.  : )

Here is my friend Kerrie's quilt.

The Monster by Kerrie Serben

This batik beauty is gorgeous.  I think the word 'monster' has to do with her process of putting it all together.  It's a BIG quilt.  I never did find her other entry which was floral with gold on it!  (She showed me after the show).  Lovely! : )

Nintendo Game Quilt by Sheila Clark

This is the quilt all the kids were raving about.  We got a lot of whiny, "mooooommmm, can you make meeee one?".  lol  Awesome!  ; )  Sheila told me it was designed by her daughter.  Sheila happens to be a landscape artist as well.  I did not know that!

Check out this next one...

Selvedge Log Cabin quilt by Diane Leontowicz

I donated to that quilt!  Diane was asking some time ago if people could bring their selvedges to her.  Now we know what she was up to!  She is a fan of the Selvedge Blog.  This quilt if BIG.  Isn't that cool!?  Great job Dianne! 

There was a long, long wall full of art quilts.  Here is one of Sharron Shoenfeld's.  It's so elegant!

Focus by Sharron Shoenfeld

I love the feel of this one - the lines and the edges.  It's so full of spirit.  She is so good at painting on her quilts.  She also uses pencil crayon, which is where I got the idea to add white to the clouds on my dress.  (Thank you Sharron!  Brilliant.)

This next one is by Leona Larson.

Dreaming in Purple by Leona Larson

As I was whipping past this wall to go shopping in the market place, I couldn't help but stop in my tracks to get a photo of this.  It just glows!  There was just something so incredibly beautiful and luscious about this one.  The purple is magic, isn't it!?  Leona teaches and is well known for her landscape quilts.  She incorporates a lot of cutting, layering, and yarns. 

Bladworth Elevator (left), Pelicans at the Weir Waves (right) by Elizabeth M. Cuming

Last but certainly not least are two entries by my friend Elizabeth.  Stunning!  Let it be known that she never, ever photo-prints her work.  This is all done by hand, eye, needle, thread, and paint.  I particularly love the grain elevator on the left.  Elizabeth is well known for stitching up many actual elevators and historical buildings in our province.  The pelicans on the right got a big red first place ribbon for the 'Making Waves' show theme.  The pelicans are famous here.  They migrate to Saskatoon's weir on the South Saskatchewan river each spring.  CONGRATULATIONS ELIZABETH!

I have some more photos of some beautiful bed quilts, but now I cannot recall who made what.  I started reading through the program guide to match them by name, but with 500 entries, it just got more confusing.  I really loved the quilts done by hand, the cross stitched & redwork quilts, the appliqued prairie scenes, and pretty much every floral appliqued quilt there was.  Beautiful work ladies!  I am one proud quilter to be in such a marvelously talented guild.


Ellie said...

Wow, but there are a lot of very talented people out there.

Annette said...

Sew glad to see a few pics up on your blog with permission. I had asked at the door if I could take any to post and was told only if I could get permission, Which is not sew easy if you do not know who they are. I did get permission from a couple gals to take and post pics hope to get them on a little later today. It was a great show , I am sew glad I was able to make it there. To bad we did not get the chance to meet maybe next time.

Anonymous said...

i only had a little over an hour to spend at the show, so i had to do a fair quick dance up and down the aisles - but i was blown away by the sheer volume of talent represented there...i'm always torn when i see an exhibit like that - part of me is inspired beyond belief and another part is crushed, feeling like i'll never be able to do anything like that! i did a teeny tiny weensy bit of shopping in the vendors' mall - and when i came home, my daughter asked (very politely) if she could take the kit i had bought! YAY! she also took some of my stash home with her....another generation coming up! thanks for sharing your pictures monika! cheers, molly

Kit Lang said...

Sharron Shoenfeld's is AMAZING.

Thanks for sharing the photos that you took - but I'm surprised to hear that people were frowny about your taking pics for your blog.

Wow! :)

My Sweet Prairie said...

Oh, it's okay... I knew I was asking permission. They might not have known that. : )
All good.


Anonymous said...

So great to relive the show through your blog.
I have a tip for identifying the photos. I always take a pic of the story that's attached to the quilt. Some of them are very interesting.
Good job :)

Becky said...

Thanks for sharing! I'd love a picture of my quilt to be on a blog. I'm afraid I've never asked permission... I figure if you display something publicly, it's fair game. (shrug) So many of us also live in such rural areas that we never get to see these beautiful quilts any other way :(. That's one thing I love about blog-land... getting to see so many amazing people, places, and beautiful things!

Riel Nason said...

Thanks for the pics. So glad you got some. Of course I am partial to the selvage quilt, but everything really looks great. R

Michelle @ Periwinkle said...

I'm glad you took photos to post; it is so overwhelming to see them all at once, it is nice to see a few of them again. I'm partial to the selvedge quilt too! It must be a quilt-nerd thing.

Bernie said...

when we travel we take pictures of the sign beside the "whatever" we are taking a picture of which helps to identify it. Can you do a zoom and see the write up on the side? If you took either of my quilts pictures (both hand quilted) feel free to post. I didn't see you there but I only had the sat am so didn't really stroll plus never even went down the merchant alley. It really is oveewhelming to see so many in such a short time.

Anonymous said...

WOW! Those quilts are wonder-full! `Sorry I couldn't have seen them in person. I do hope you'll post more.
Noreen* in Winnipeg (*Sheila's/Doris's cousin/neice

Heather said...

thanks for sharing this wonderful selection of quilts. wow, the show must have been amazing. now you want to make me skip out on the dentist so I can sew instead.

Christie, Describe Happy said...

My goodness you found some fun and creative entries!! Nice to get a bit of a sneak peak!

Cheryl (Grandma Coco) said...

I'm with Becky. What's up with not being able to photograph the quilts? Seriously. I really want to know. I cannot, for the life of me, understand what the problem could be. Thanks for taking me to a show I'd never otherwise get to see.

My Sweet Prairie said...

I think the main issue is that the maker be given credit - that the photos of their original designs do not float around on the net for anyone to copy. And also that the maker of the original quilt knows you are doing this. That's my guess. I have no problem with asking permission. It's just proper etiquette I think. No one has ever said no when I ask. Usually they are quite thrilled! : )


Anonymous said...

I take photos of quilts regularly at quilt shows, and always post them with their correct information (unless I'm bagging on them--then they remain anonymous). I figure I'm more like a journalist this way, and this is advertisement and news coverage. I know that several of my posts about quilt shows have been circulated to quilters whose quilts were in the show but were across the country and couldn't see them. They later thanked me, because they couldn't travel and were happy to see my posts with their quilts hanging up! I was surprised about that, but pleased that it made them happy.

I think we as quilters can take photos and share them, but like I said (and as other of your posters have said), to give proper attribution. I know that the the people who put on the quilt show have the entrants sign a release (because the organizers photograph them all and sell the CDs) so I believe bloggers' photos are covered as well.

Just my .02--I LOVED seeing all these quilts, esp. the selvage quilt! Stunning, to say the least. Thanks.

Elizabeth E.

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