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Friday, 7 October 2011

They've Pinned Me Down!

I keep seeing the work "Pinterest" popping up all over the place.  I checked it out once.  Remember looking through the Sear's Christmas wish book every year as a child?  Well... Pinterest is a lot like that, only it's every day, all the time.  O M G  I'm not interested in joining.  That's wayyyyy too much eye candy.  No, no, and no.  Nothing would ever get done!  I looked again and I happened to also see that I got 'pinned'.  I got pinned a lot.  Where did I get pinned from?  What does it all mean?  I am certain that I have no clue.  Check this out...

What a strange phenomenon.  What is the purpose?  Someone please explain...

~Monika and the picture-less post.


Becky said...

haha! I haven't got sucked into that site either. Same with twitter. I guess you got to draw the line somewhere, or you'd never get any sewing done LOL! I resisted Starbucks and similar venues for many many years because I love coffee, and I knew that as soon as I had one, I'd be hooked ;-).

Christie, Describe Happy said...

I really adore pinterest... it's an easy way for me to keep my inspiration boards. I used to have a long list of links that I wanted to revisit that I kept, but now I can just 'pin' those things and organize the items to boards and then visit them whenever I want. I have sewing, cooking, quilting, pet, and even a house board. For me it's just a nice way to organize some of the cool stuff I've seen. And yes... I pretty sure I've pinned your stuff too!

Vicki W said...

I think it's a really cool concept but I will not allow myself to go there. I am trying to cue down on my internet time and I know that Pinterest will have the complete opposite effect.

Ann Brauer said...

Hi Monika--Yes, I saw at least one of your quilts there. What fun that I knew it had to be a Monika prairie quilt. I play with Pinterest occasionally--it is fun and there are some great pictures there. Things that I would not normally see. I think the concept has some merit--not sure if it is going any place--although I have heard that some "trendsetters" do reference it.

Little Creatable said...

I love that site. It does waste time BUT it's the best way I've found to keep my inspirations and ideas etc all in one place. You pin what you love and store what you need :)

elle said...

I'm thinking that I, too, will be keeping that door closed! yikes. I just copy and paste stuff I need to remember.

Heather A said...

I've pinned you to my boards a couple of times, Monika! You're on my "artful hands" board and my "embroidery" board and I'm sure you're on one of my quilting boards, too.

I don't find Pinterest much of a time waster. I find it so helpful!

For instance, I have a board for quilts and tutorials I see that I really want to make someday. For real. It's so easy to go to my board and look at all the pictures when I'm ready to start a new project and there are all the ones I'll choose from. Once chosen, I simply click on the link to that photo and voila!

I have similar boards for other kinds of things I would like to make, home DYI projects, quilts I admire but will never attempt for various reasons will never attempt. They're great for inspiration. And I keep a board for images that make me think of quilts. We all do that ... see a work of art or architecture or a colour combination that we imagine into a quilt. It's a good inspirational board to have.

I keep a board for fabrics I love (there are so many beautiful fabrics out there and sometimes I forget fabrics I love until I see them again). I also have some boards where I keep fabrics I'm auditioning for the back of a quilt. It's good to see them all together before choosing OR I can ask someone else to look at my audition board and tell me which one they think would look best.

I keep a board of recipes I'd like to make and, once made and if liked, I can move them to "recipes to make again" board.

I use Pinterest as a tool and it's really very useful. I follow the boards of select others who are interested in similar things and I "repin" their pins from time to time. And, occasionally, I take a look at what the world is pinning and find a few things I wouldn't have seen otherwise but that are of interest to me. It's so easy to skim visually. It's a great tool.

The above is a message from your local librarian who only spends her time on useful (to me) internet tools. I rarely use Facebook though I have a profile. It doesn't fit into my lifestyle.

felicity said...

I'm with Heather A - it's a great, visual way to organize all those ideas that I had previously bookmarked in my browser. Much more useful, in my opinion.

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