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Thursday, 15 September 2011

Things I Love Thursdays

I love being a part of the Saskatoon Quilters' Guild.  They are such a FANTASTIC group of women!!  Boy, was it great to gather together again.  I also love where meet.  Our guild has the best view.  I took this photo from the meeting room while climbing over some of the women in the back row (sorry ladies!).

taken through the window while at the SQG meeting.

Yes - those are all our vehicles.  It's a HUGE group, and this is only half of us.  The other half meets in the afternoon.  Mark your calendars - I LOVE quilt shows!  This is a big one with nearly 500 entries, loads of vendors from across the country, a market place for people to purchase handmade items, food, prizes, workshops, and more!

This falls on a Friday & Saturday

I love it! 

And I just love this post... it made me blush!  You have to check it out!  : )



fabriquefantastique said...

you seem very (extra) busy these days. I bet you were pleased with Karens blog, I know I would be.

Ellie said...

You are right that is a lovely view. That was a lovely post that Karen did for you. :)

Linda Coleman said...

No need to blush, it's all true, you do make wonderful scenes from your photos and the photos themselves are great. I thought our group was big, we have 17 starting back tonight. It must be one big room you have.

Allison said...

With such a gorgeous view, how can you fail to be inspired?

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