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Sunday, 18 September 2011

Sunday Snapshots #3 (yr 2)

I just got back from teaching a postcard workshop at Bernie's farmhouse.  Thanks ladies!  You were all so creative!!  What a great day.  : )  They all passed me on the dirt road driving home.  I couldn't help it.  THANK GOODNESS I brought my camera.  The colors were INCREDIBLE!  So here's my Sunday Snapshots... better late than never!  (p.s.  please do not reproduce these pics as I use them for my art.  Thank you!)

Look at the reds in the grasses!  (Can you tell I am ecstatic!??)  You know I'm going to stitch every single blade.  Oh it's gorgeous!

This next one was taken just before coming onto the highway. 

And I love this next one.  It's cropped from a very large photo... I like the simplicity of it.

The rest will be put on my flickr page.  There's a lot.  : )

Happy Sunday!


Pieces of Sunshine said...

Beautiful photos Monika, lots of inspiration for stitching too.

Bernie said...

FUNNY! I recognize all those spots!!

deanna7trees said...

those clouds are amazing. they look like they are so close to the ground.

elle said...

I luv the first 2, so stitchable

Christie, Describe Happy said...

Ohhh, the second one is my favorite... and yes I see the reds. Very cool. Also glad to hear you had a great class!!

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