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Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Something Along These Lines

I really appreciate everyone's compliments on my photos!  Though I don't consider myself a photographer, I do love to venture out with my camera.  My captures are the basis for my art work.  I get so excited about the prairies (as you know).  In contemplating that big question, 'where do I go from here?', the future is coming clear.  I would just love to be commissioned to stitch up a farm or land by beginning with my own photo shoot of a client's beloved space.  I've been asked to work from people's photos before, but I haven't been asked to go get my own shots.  Every so often, I come home with scenes like these.

August long weekend 2011, drive-by capture on the highway

That would make a lovely piece of art.  I have no idea whose homes these are, but as I am capturing scenes, I often end up with an 'accidental' building or two that really add character to the piece.  This next one was on the highway to Calgary, and I didn't realize there was a building in the photo until later.  I was focused on those glowing pieces of land in the distance.

I took this last year and stitched up a beautiful piece!

on of my favorites, shows off the summer heat (2010)

I haven't made the last one, but the next one was made into a very cute postcard.  It is quite picture-perfect, though I prefer land & sky to buildings.  Still, imagine being asked to come photograph someone's land!?  What a thrill!

Berry Barn gift shop windows, 2010

It's really quite unbelievable what a collection of photos I have stockpiled to work on once summer holidays have ended.  Some day... wouldn't that be cool to explore around a someone's land and see what things I can come up with?  That would be a real custom commission.  Maybe some day...  : )

Homestead on Highway #7, 2010

I will see you tomorrow for WIP Wednesday!


diane said...

You really are a very talented lady!

Vicki W said...

Homestead is beautiful!

Sharon said...

If you ever come down to Wyoming I'd love for you to come shoot our place. It'd be nice to see it from someone else's perspective. :)

Kiwi said...

I love your Homestead on the Highway. So beautiful! You are very talented Monika! So inspiring!!! :)

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