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Saturday, 2 July 2011

Inspiration Captured!

I can't help it!  I said I wouldn't blog, but I can't help it!  I take a day off and I still manage to get things done.  July 1st was Canada Day.  After breakfast, my husband announced that we were heading out of town so that I could snap photos.  !!  Maybe he felt guilty for not stopping the vehicle last summer while I captured some amazing landscape inspirations through a dirty car window?  I was quite excited to capture some prairie fibre inspiration, so off we went.  We drove 5 minutes east of the city and then I announced, "turn down that gravel road!".  It was actually quite thrilling for me to hear my children in the back of the van squeal about the view and the fields and the sky and the colors!  I guess I've influenced them.  My 5 yr old was yelling at the 7 yr old to not miss capturing scenes on his DSI camera.  I took so many photos on the roadside - it was fabulous!!

from the vehicle window - sweet yellow clover forever

That may not look like a lot.  My husband didn't see much.  But I jumped out of the vehicle and squealed at all the color!  Saskatchewan ditches are truly fabulous.  They are like hidden treasures.  You just have to look.  There's SO much beauty here.  People overlook it all the time.  I had my eyes peeled for fibre art inspiration.  ...and I got it!

like Boundless but with Blanket Flowers & Clover

Purple Alfalfa, Sweet Yellow Clover & Fence Posts

Beautiful Blanket Flowers in the foreground!!

That last one has so much depth.  I played around with it and cropped it into this next one, which I really like as well.  It's all purple & green.  I like the feel of it, and there's lots of texture and color for a fibre piece.

Lovely purples & indigos with green, yellow, rust

Here's the same one again, just cropped differently.  Wouldn't this make a gorgeous panel-style wall hanging!?  Ooh you can count on this one to happen!

I am stitching this one for sure!

It's so pretty!  I can't get over how surreal it looks.  My husband was laughing at me, in disbelief at how I can see things that he did not notice.  Honestly, I don't know how people drive by the ditches here without noticing! : )  I have a few more I'll post later.  For now, ENJOY the pretties!!  I apologize for how small these are!  Originally they are gigantic files.  I have so much inspiration for this winter's solo show, I just can't wait!

very very happy.


Cherry Red Quilter said...

I am probably with your husband and wouldn't see it either but that is why we need people like you to see it, capture it and then share it with us - my favourite photo is the last one - love those yellow flowers too! Gorgeous all of them!

felicity said...

Beautiful shots, Monika!!

Anonymous said...

Love the pics, love your excitement! Beauty is everyone if you open your eyes :).
Stay inspired!

LynCC said...

Hey, I'm smiling with you. Those are marvelous scenes!

My Sweet Prairie said...

Sorry they are sooo small. You can see them better on my Flickr page.
: )

Flo @ Butterfly Quilting said...

These are beautiful...I can see them all as your art creations!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Monica...I don't get out in the country very often but I have always enjoyed the scenery
and the ditches...looking for more!

Janice said...

They are amazing. I love your photos, and they really make me see things differently. I've been biking on the highway in the early morning, and the flowers and birds and insects are fantastic.

Janice said...

youdbetter enjoy these pictures - with all the moisture we've had over the past few years, I think the grasses and wildflowers are way more lush than usual. You may need to store some photos for when the dry years come back and everything is brown and dead!!! LOL! I remember driving to Calgary and seeing some of those areas completely brown and bare, and now they are lush and green.

Ellie said...

Love the colours in your pictures. Beautiful photos, they will make wonderful fibre art pieces.

quiltmom said...

I love the prairie crops and flowers Monika- When we head to my parents who live in Red Deer we try to take some of the back highways rather than the QE2 as the panoramic views are just way more interesting and spectacular.
The flowers are stunning and I love seeing purple and yellow together. Last week my yellow day lilies were blooming and so were the purple iris- it was a pretty sight.
Thanks for sharing,

Anonymous said...

If you think the ditches are amazing you should come back out to my place (with your kids) and go for a walk on the native prairie lands. So much is blooming right now it is amazing.

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