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Sunday, 12 June 2011

Sunday Snapshots #41

On light and dark.

my daughter's German preschool class sorted color samples.  Great idea!

New growth / old growth.

the tips of the evergreen are so supple and bright

What you can see if you wake up around 4:30am in June in Saskatoon.

the sky is always alive here

I looked it up online, and there are actually 18.5 hours of light per day right now as we approach the Summer Solstice.  It's pretty rare for me to catch a sunrise.  The sky is still barely light in the northwest well after 11pm, and starts to get bright again in the north east before 3 am.

Imagine living further north to the land of the midnight sun

Happy 'Sun'day!


Pieces of Sunshine said...

Love your last two photos. It must be pretty amazing having such long days, but then very short ones during winter (not sure that would be so good).

Brenda T said...

I had the opportunity last year while on vacation to experience the summer soltice in Alaska. There really is no darkness and the sun does not set. I was taking pictures at the famous Midnight Dome in Dawson City Yukon at midnight with no flash. Truly the land of the midnight sun!

diane said...

Your blog is always so happy. Love your sky shot. Really lovely!

quilthexle said...

How funny to see a picture on a Canadian blog and realize there are words in my mother language ;-)) Thanks for the grin - and good luck with your class!!

Beeps said...

Love your pics :) I just had to look up your town on google maps, and wow, you're pretty far north!

Janice Reynolds said...

Thanks for the sunrise times! We have to take Sydney to the airport next week, her flight leaves at 7 AM, so we'll have to leave here by 4:30 AM. Good to know it will be light out, that will make it easier!

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