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Sunday, 12 June 2011

I Love the Attic !

Oh what beautiful day it was on Sunday!  Several of us headed out to Bernie's sewing attic.  My friend Kerrie picked me up so I could snap photos from the car window.  Here's what we saw as we approached the house!  You can see nothing but the sewing room / third floor.

Kerrie driving, me hanging out the passenger window.

Here is the lovely Kerrie and Bernie, working away on their postcards.

WOW, what a lovely space.  It's all painted this pretty yellow and there's windows facing every direction.  Bernie could give Anna Maria Horner's new attic a run for her money!  hehe 

lovely, sunlit, hardwood, incredible view, filled with heirloom quilt tops.

I gave everyone two themes for their postcards.  The first was "Something with Yellow".  Two hours later, I added a second theme of a mini quilt or quilt block.  Here they are!!

my favorite part might just be all those toenails! ; )

We did some satin stitching, decorative stitching, couching, raw edge applique, fusing & gluing, piecing, and Kerrie even did some hand stitching and french knots.  (Yay for you!)  Those women who were up for a card swap threw their addresses into a draw-box, and picked a recipient to mail their card to.  It was lots of fun, but GOSH the time sure flew by!  Some of us didn't leave until after 5 (sorry Bernie!). 

Thank you to all the great women who came out to sew today, and a BIG THANK YOU to Bernie for creating such a great space and having us over to stitch in.  : )

Bernie's Attic, 3 stories up in the sky.

See you all tomorrow for Tips on Tuesdays!


Anonymous said...

I had tons of fun and can't wait to make more post cards! Thanks so much for the great class and thanks to Bernie for the perfect classroom!

Linda Coleman said...

Monika, what a talented bunch of people. Love the postcards, wish I could up sticks and move there. What a fantastic sewing space and such a rural setting. Will have to take myself off down to the sea here to see if it will give me a surge of inspiration.

LynCC said...

Wowow!! Those are so awesome! And boy, would I be the happiest Girl around if I had such an incredible sewing area!

Cheryl (Grandma Coco) said...

Wish I could have been there. What a great spot for classes and workshops!! Lucky you!

Poppyprint said...

Hey, what fun!! Hi Kerrie!!!! I love all of your postcards, girls. I wish I had an attic, too.

Rebel said...

Those are lovely! I need to spend some time on post-card quilts, it looks like so much fun!

Anonymous said...

To those who commented on the attic - it is a fabulous space and I totally love it!! I'm always happy up there and on crazy busy work days I sometimes wander up in the moon light before I go to bed just to absorb the space.
My long term plan - for when I retire from Operating Room nursing - is to host classes up there. This opportunity was too good to pass up and it turned out really well. We learned that, for sure, 8 is max! Working on anything big would make it more challenging. I often have 5 friends up on Friday nights and that is also a nice number but some just bring hand stitching and some use the floor space to layout quilts! So I moved up the start of the workshop space and for sure will host another one in the fall.
Monika, thanks for the awesome picture of the attic. I will want another one of those when we finish redoing the siding and the house looks as good on the exterior as it does on the interior. I also have a blog site if anyone is interested - it chronicles the story of our catalogue house. I don't update it near as often as Monika - mostly because I struggle with the uploading of the pictures (thought the new computer would make it better but I can't seem to downsize them enough to get them to open easily! Like Monika - I love when people leave comments!
If you are interested in attending a workshop in the attic or have a class suggestion please feel free to email me at maxic@yourlink.ca



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