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Friday, 24 June 2011

I Got Mail! (Let's have a give-away)

...but not from Canada Post.  I suppose it's technically just a package delivery then.  It's a good one though!  It's from the wonderful people at Lapel Stick!  (Oh thank you thank you thank you!)  I told them how fabulous their product is and they sent me a complimentary box of their product!  (Oh thank you thank you thank you!)

I told them how much I dislike toxic spray adhesives, and also how using fusible webbing & hot irons is very difficult to use when working with small fibre art pieces.  Postcards are case in point.  Glue sticks are gunky and liquid glue needs to dry or often soaks through and leaves a stain.  I also told them how only had a half stick left and didn't share with my postcard class.  So they sent me some Lapel Sticks free of charge.  I'll use these to have available in my future workshops.

This arrival was perfect timing!  On my table is the batting and backdrop for a landscape piece I "intend to enter" in the big quilt show this fall.  It involves many little chopped up fabrics.  I need that lapel stick but didn't plan on ever seeing it any time soon because of our national postal service strike.   But here it is!

2010 Saskatoon Fireworks Festival

As promised, here's a little giveaway.  Want to try some?  I'll give a Lapel Stick to 2 lucky winners picked at random.  You don't really need to do anything in particular but leave a little hello note.  Maybe a limerick?  Tell me in rhyme why you would like to win the glue.  I'll announce a winner on Monday.  (contest closes Sunday Midnight).  Make sure you leave me your email address so I can find you.

Have a good weekend!


Wilton Art said...

thanks for the tip Monika!

Anonymous said...

Monika, I have no talent for writing limericks and such but I would love to be a winner,

diane said...

a new product I'd like to try
send it to me and I won't cry.
A happy girl I would be
to have a Lapel stick

elle said...

There once was a gal from the 'tune
Who ever reached for the moon.
Till fast she stuck,
How's that for luck,
For our gal, oh Monika de la lune!

Reminds me of those long ago hot summer days we laid in the grass and made up limericks! LOL!

Kathy said...

I've got a project to do.
I could really use some glue.
Lapel Stick is fine
It'd be nice to call mine.
Glad you're giving away two.

Wendy said...

I've been trying to think of something all morning. Alas - my sick head can't think. I even took the wrong medicine this morning. How about "Glue is cool. Lapel Stick for the win." :) Can you tell I'm not thinking too clearly? Would love to win anyhow!

Sheila said...

I really don't want to be blue so would love to win the glue ;-) I must say this is a new product to me , sounds wonderful and I'd love to try it for all the reasons you mentioned .Thanks for the chance.

Anonymous said...

Roses are red
Violets are blue
I'd love a Lapel Stick
Thank yoooou!

mainer said...

Yes, I'd love a Lapel Stick,
it would make me a little less thick,
smiling all day and night.
Yes, the Lapel Stick is for me
if you would be so kind as to pick..

Anonymous said...

I first found out about lapel stick here...havn't found any yet...Hmm now a chance to win Thanks... But a limerick oh man

Canada post has been on strike
you know what I would Like?
A glue stick from you
So I can get mail too!!!

thanks Heather (havnfun@sympatico.ca)

Trish said...

I heard of a stick called lapel
The bloggers all love it so well
Now it would be sweet
It would be a treat
to win a glue stick called lapel

Anonymous said...

Fabric postcards are a hoot
With the right loot
Fancy fabrics, lapel sticks
Glue you don't have to lick
Give me time to ruminate
In my attic I will create!


Ps this is the fourth attempt at trying to leave a comment - why doesn't it like me?
Pps yes i know this isn't a limerick as it has one too many lines but it was the best I could do!

arlene said...

Roses are Red
Violets are Blue
dreaming of Lapel Stick
aren't you too!


anniem said...

My mom's from Saskatchewan
she'd really want me-to-win
a stick of glue
from someone like you
but I can't write a rhyme so I'll-be-gone.
(the Ontario education system is lucky I teach chemistry and not english. Don't you like how I rhymed twice with Saskatchewan...a feat not seen often)

Anonymous said...

Those are ALL awesome!! lol

Thanks everyone! hehehe

Bernie & Diane - congrats (randomly picked).


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