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Saturday, 14 May 2011

They Did It Again!

Remember all my whining about how terribly nervous I was to do a presentation to the Saskatoon Quilter's Guild on my fibre art?  Well, I'm not sure how they pulled this one off.  Shortly after my presentation, a committee member named Sheilagh called me up one night.  She said there was a short spot in the next evening meeting that they needed to fill with some kind of programming.  The remainder of the conversation was a blur, and the next thing I knew I was sitting there on my couch saying, "yes of course I will do a presentation on Postcards & Swap groups that night".  !?  (I will?)  I snapped out of it and said, "Sheilagh, how did you do that!?  Are you magic?"  She just laughed.  And so on the night of May 30th, I'll be public speaking again, and showing off all the gorgeous cards I've received in the past year, including this gem I got last week.

Isn't that sweet!?  It's from Becky at Becky's Blabber blog.  Thank you Becky!!  I love it!  I've also received cards from my running pal Christie at Describe Happy.  It's a message of encouragement, and very fun!

I heard that Diane from Random Thoughts... Do or Di  has mailed hers off and one is coming my way.  !!  I can't wait!  Here's a link to her post on that.  I'm so glad she joined the PostcardCottage Swap group...  And now I'm also welcoming Cheryl from Grandma Coco's Designs to the batch!  The next swap I'm in is "Summer Road Trip".  That will be a fun one.  If you are interested in swapping (no blog needed), you can read all about it on the group's homepage by clicking the link in the left sidebar.  It's the one that says, "Swap Here".  The next swap topics will be posted on June 1.

There you go!  Check out all their links.  : )


diane said...

I am so glad I joined this group. And thanks for creating a link to my blog. I see you also joined the Liberate your art postcard swap. That should be a fun one too.Your art has inspired me.

Grandma Coco said...

Thanks for the link to my blog, Monika. Now the pressure's on for me to create some Summer Road Trip postcards. And, this is all your fault!!! :) Thanks for leading Grandma Coco astray.

Becky said...

YEA! So glad you got it (finally). Have you looked at it in the dark yet? These postcards are totally addictive! Good luck with the presentation! You'll be great!

Christie, Describe Happy said...

So much fun to come over and see my postcard here. What fun!! Can't wait for you to see the next one on the way ;)

Anonymous said...

the preseentation was fun and encouraging and the display works were great. I think having a class would be awesome - we just need to work out details as I have a space that cries out for people to create in.

PS leaving a tip as anonymous seems to work.

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