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Monday, 2 May 2011

Quilting and Voting

Yesterday morning I headed out to Blackstrap Lake for a Sew Fun retreat.  It was so not what I expected.  I expected a big crowded dark room crammed with people.  When I got there, people were divided into two bright rooms overlooking the lake.  I got there at 9am, set up, and then at 10 was brunch.  The funny thing was that once brunch was over, our entire room cleared out and went home with the exception of my friend Kerrie from guild.  Those women had been sitting there sewing since Thursday and they were done.  I was just getting started, so I pulled up some extra tables and made a great work station!

Not bad hey!?  I had 3 six foot tables.  I was told that next time, I should only expect one table.  hehe  (I know...)  I really didn't have a sewing plan, so I brought lots of coordinating warm solid precut strips and some mermaid fabric.  I did get an entire big quilt top put together with diagonal seams like the one I saw at show and tell last week....  the mermaids happen to be swimming up and down diagonally.  I still need to trim it and perhaps change a few things before I quilt it.  I whipped up some blocks for a baby quilt.  I'll most likely add some more strips around for a true log cabin.  Or maybe sashing?

my camera has a hard time with these colors...

I spent all day sewing with Kerrie.  It was really nice!  She was facing one big window and I was facing the other.  We were there until 5!  I had this awesome fresh breeze through the window in my face the whole time.  And here was my view out the window.

Here are the other fabrics I brough, just in case I was able to start on something else.  Fresh spring yellows and greens!  Aren't they pretty??  I love them with the latte fabric and white.

When we were done, Kerrie and I headed back to the city for Vietnamese noodles and got to visit more.  Thank you Kerrie!  I am so glad I got out yesterday.

Well would you look at that!  I worked hard all day on an orange quilt.  The ice water was blue.  The baby quilt was a washed out red.  The green fabric awaits. I know, I'm forget a color aren't I?  There are 5 parties to choose from in Canada.  There's a federal election today.  Now get out and VOTE!



Anonymous said...

Wow, you sure get a lot accomplished. Glad you enjoyed yourself :).

No point using the colour for the Bloc, since only those in Quebec can vote for them, not all of Canada. So, all our fellow Canadians, get out and VOTE today and have your say!!!!
Stay inspired!

Christie, Describe Happy said...

Glad you pointed me over here! Looks like you accomplished a lot, but wow... that view!! Oh my oh my oh my!! Just lovely! And Vietnamese noodles, yum!

Flo @ Butterfly Quilting said...

that is so great that you made it out to the retreat....and a semi private retreat at that!
Loved your comment about the "washed out" red......or did you mean washed up?.....haha.....and yes I did vote before we left!
Have a great week.

Jem said...

I'm a complete quilting beginner and it's lovely to take a peek at your blog!

You got an awful lot done in a small space of time :-)

Have a lovely week, best wishes from the UK!

Jem xXx

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great day. You will have to come visit me and my studio soon. I'm off to deliver paintings to the juried Art Show in Biggar today. Then one in Watrous in May and then a show at The Mix Gallery in Stoon on the July 1st weekend. Can't wait to get into my studio. Your work inspires me. Bye for now, long lost friend. Glo

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