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Friday, 20 May 2011

Moving Right Along...

Happy Weekend!  Look what I did on Friday!  It's not finished, but I thought since the Highway 7 photo was such an interesting one, I would make it again to frame for this show & sale.  They original version of this is a medium sized quilted wallhanging.  I'm about to finish a much larger one on commission.  This one here is 6 by 8 inches, and will be matted and framed under glass.

cheese cloth clouds

This is really great.  I found this type of cloud to work really well.  It curves just like the landscape below.  I love how the colors work so well together - the bright green and the greyish blue.  I believe that's actually a flax field in the distance.  What do you think?  I suppose it could be the shadow of a cloud.  On my original wall hanging, people think it's a lake.  : )

the photo and the fibre art, work in progress

I'm going to have to stop soon and spend some days just finishing eveything, mounting them, signing them, cutting the matting, and framing.  Gosh.  And then there's the yardwork!  It's a good thing that 3/4 of my garden is perennial.  Look!  The strawberries are finally blooming!

Have a lovely lovely weekend everyone.  The weather is good and the gas prices are down.  YESSSS.  Beach time!



Jackie said...

I love the clouds! Your work is just sooo good!

elle said...

I appreciate the detail and depth in your fibre art. Cheese cloth, isn't that cool!

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