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Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Working on Wednesday

This W.I.P. Wednesday will be a little different from my others.  First of all, I am emotionally exhausted from being so nervous about public speaking.  Thanks everyone for cheering me on!  I ended up asking a woman who sings publicly if she ever has had stage fright.  She laughed and said she has always had it.  She researched it once and learned that among human fears, public speaking rates higher than the fear of death!  I laughed.  Out of all the support I received, hearing this immediately calmed me.  Isn't that weird!?  I just thought, "okay, if I do this, then I will have overcome one of the worst fears imaginable".  And look!  Here I am!  I am back from the other side.  What's that saying?  Pressure makes diamonds.

Diamonds : )

It was pretty "stellar".  I am glad that I was so well prepared.  I did practice a lot.  I felt that my stories were so well received and my photo slide show was really enjoyed by the women.  And hey!  My voice didn't shake while I spoke.  I had so many compliments and hugs afterward.  There were women grabbing my arm, shaking me and giggling while they thanked me! And the guild president gave me such positive feedback on the technicalities of the presentation.  And can you believe it?  I ran home, gathered the kids, fed them, and then returned to guild to MC the evening meeting.

I was smart, and booked myself a day off before the next big thing.  This afternoon, Darlene Polachic, a local reporter, is coming to interview me for an article on my art.  She tracked me down from the Gardenscape show.  Those newspaper articles always have photos.  Now I'm nervous all over again.  My sewing room is a disaster, the dirty dishes are stacked high, ten muddy boots and a load of bicycles litter the front step to my home, and my grey hair is showing.  lol  Where do I start?

Don't tell anyone!!  Photo taken 4 pm Tuesday

Much better!!  Photo taken 9 pm Tuesday. 

Now THAT is the difference between night and day.  : )



Louise in SW Saskatchewan said...

Monica, nowdays if I have a scheduled media interview I go have my hair washed and blow dried by my stylist - one less thing to worry about and it's a business expense to boot (publicity eh). I came to this after seeing a newspaper photo of me in my dyeing shirt (I now have dyed(by me) scrub tops to wear while teaching or doing demos). I still wear the dyeing shirts to dye in, just don't let my photo be taken in it (grin).

When I was video taped in my studio I even had a nice shirt on for the interview and a different one on for practical stuff.

People who saw the video said I looked so relaxed and comfortable - part of it was the hair and part was talking about my passion!

Good luck!

Pieces of Sunshine said...

I'm so pleased your presentation went well and I'm sure your interview will too. Love the before and after shots! You've done a fantastic job.

Wendy said...

Good work! Glad to hear it went well :)

And wow - nice work in your sewing area!

Bernie said...

Hey - after it is over you will create so enthusiastically in that wonderful looking space. The interview will be significantly easier - unless there is a TV camera - that is scary! Hope you enjoyed it and that you let us know when the article will be out.

Cherry Red Quilter said...

When making a presentation the preparation always makes it easier - if you know your stuff and wht you want to say and show then that is two less things to worry about! Well done! Sounds like you did a fabulous job! And that sewing room!!!! WOW! what a transformation. Well done on that too - now can you just come and do my sewing room? I won't even ask for a presentation!

Jillsy Girl said...

Congrats on your presentation! You did it!

I can't believe the difference in your studio after just a few hours...you're a cleaning machine!

Good luck with the interview!

Margaret said...

Congratulations and congratulations and congratulations! (Your studio looks fabulous and you'll be just fine in the interview; I know it. Your success is encouraging me - the Lacombe Art Exhibit opens Friday at 1 p.m. and I am ready! (And the post cards look so classy in frames!)

May you continue to be blessed!

A.J. Dub. said...

Way to go! Congrats on the interview too! Exciting. Love your space, in either state. :)

Christie, Describe Happy said...

Your diamonds are lovely!! Want to wish you lots of luck and poise for your interview today -- enjoy it if you can! And wowie, your sewing room is fantastic!!

Flo @ Butterfly Quilting said...

Congratulations!! Glad to hear the Quilt Guild, I am sure you nailed the presentation !!
Wow, what a transformation of you studio! Maybe you can come over to my house..... kidding.
good luck on the interview!

Anonymous said...

You will breeze through your interview. Darlene is such a beautiful lady, she'll have you at ease in no time! Ask me how I know :))
Enjoy the limelight!
Joyce xoxo

Cheryl said...

I want your sewing room....I'd even settle for the "before" one.

elle said...

I luv before and after shots. makes me feel kinda 'normal'! Congrats on a successful presentation. That first step has you very well prepared for your in studio interview!

Bee said...

I think for your next Tips on Tuesdays you should tell us all how you transformed your studio in just 5 hours! It looks wonderful! Unfortunately my studio is the "before" picture right now and I need all the help I can get. Congratulations on a great presentation! We all knew you could do it!!

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