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Thursday, 7 April 2011

Things I Love Thursdays

I love these floating chrysanthemums.

I love getting handwritten letters (Thank you Mrs. P!)

I love early morning runs in spring, before anyone in my house is up.  
It's my ME time.  
~ No photo, sorry : ) ~

I love when the prairies wake up each spring.

And I love this final painting left by Jack Frost.  We'll see him in 6 months!  ; )



Anonymous said...

I love waking up every morning and reading your new post.

Bee said...

I love your photos and your view of the prairie! Thanks for sharing.
(I didn't know anyone still writes handwritten letters! You are lucky to have a Mrs. P in your life!)

Jillsy Girl said...

all are very cheery!! i actually got a handwritten surprise in the mail today...definitely cause for a smile!

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