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Friday, 8 April 2011

Fun in A Box

Vistaprint.ca.  Heard of it?  Word of warning:  if you order their stuff once, you will constantly get 'discount special' emails.  It's addicting.  I made a rush order before the Gardenscape show.  All of those cards I ordered went in the first day.  200 gone!  Another 200 business cards were taken in the next 2 days of the show.  So I needed to order more.  Get this!  It was all free.  No kidding.  I only paid shipping for 250 postcards, 20 thank you cards with envelopes, 100 rack size brochures, a box of 250 business cards, return address labels, a keychain and a coffee mug.  lol  Isn't that insane?  It all arrived today, unexpectedly early!! Big perk.

Okay, I know the coffee mug & key tag are extravagant, but it was free!  I have no photo of the mug because it's in my hand.  I love this company because if you wait for the right emails, you'll see what you want come up for free eventually.  I also like the fact that I can upload my own photos.

I went shopping yesterday, and found really beautiful embroidery threads that are being discontinued locally (the ones with the dome lids). They are going for $4/1000 meters.  Wow.  And the sparkle is so pretty!  I also like the casing.  You can let the thread feed up through the hole in the top and it feeds great.  You don't have to rig up anything weird to use these fine threads for thread painting.

There are lots of amazing colors in these sparkly polyester embroidery threads.  I picked up this collection for my prairie paintings.  It's made by Hemingworth and you can find them at Century Textiles (a few blocks behind HobbyWorld).  I'm so loving these threads.  Here's some progress I've made with them...

Deep Summer Fields

Yes - more french knots.  I stitched them all while sitting out in the sun yesterday.  It really is spring!!  Even my kids have spring fever.  Check out what my littlest boy did!  Love it.



Nancy said...

I LOVE Vista print... We are renovating a whole house and I got hubby a FREE t-shirt with tools on the front and it said "Extreme Makeover"
"Williamsburg Edition"... He loved it...so I got him a matching FREE coffee mug...I also ordered my granddaughter a FREE name stamp, FREE pencil with her name on it..FREE ink pen with her name on it and some FREE notecards...my husband made a nice wood lap desk and it was her birthday gift last year. She LOVED it...

Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

Nice bundle of free things you got there...I don't blame you when you can upload your own pics...why not,eh?? And the threads; what a nice assortment.....go crazy...lol

Margaret said...

Thanks for the info, Monika! I'm checking them out for a banner for my booth at the Exhibit. (Sigh. I already bought business cards elsewhere.)

Jillsy Girl said...

Just L.O.V.E! Deep Summer Fields!

Dena said...

Love the threads, magical eye candy from here. Beautiful art as always Monica.

Janice Reynolds said...

I checked out vistaprint.ca. If you use your own photo for the business cards, its not free anymore. Is that right? I think I'll do some business cards for the farm, but want to use my own photo for the background, so it looks like it will be $24.

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