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Thursday, 21 April 2011

I Can't Believe My Ears!

Oh what a fabulous day!!  It's really spring.  We can finally leave all the windows open and hear the huge variety of birds singing outside in the trees.  I don't know about you, but hearing birds chirp puts me in such good spirits!  Speaking of trees, I will now show you the whole front of Mandy's wall hanging.  I really think the tree is done.  I have just started a very pretty splash of dark seed beads up in that sky and it's like throwing magic into the air.  (Beads not in the photo yet...)

holding my breath... Mandy hasn't seen a full shot of this yet!

In case you are confused about the images, the setting sun represents father (fabric from a wrap), the silk moon is mother (from a mei tei carrier), and the two stars are the boys (from a pair or woven booties).  The sky is made of two baby carries.  The lightest leaves are also from a stretchy wrap.  It's been SLOOOOW going on my part, but I think it's turning out really good.  This one had a lot of contemplation time.   

I really made some progress on Kate's wall hanging yesterday.  It has a lot of detailing that I'm so very happy with.  I like to pull viewers in.  So here is the large remake of "Telephone Poles on Highway 7", minus the telephone poles.  ; )

original on the wall, photo on the laptop, commission on the table

after hours of stitching... work in progress.

the details

And as I'm working away, I had a great idea for Jesica's quilt.  The centre is a gradation of colored half square triangles alternating with white ones.  The lower left is black, which moves like a rainbow until the top right corner is white.  It will be bordered with wide white.  Then I'll do another border of a single row of HSTs so that the color scheme is reversed.  This way it will balance the whole look of the quilt.  In the wide white border, I'll free motion stitch some symbols that remind Jesica of her grandmother.  I may just do that in white.  But that's a ways off right now.  I have time to think about it. 

And to all you who comment/follow on my blog... PROMISE me you'll come back on Sunday.  I have a very special surprise for YOU.  : )

still listening to the birds sing.


Anonymous said...

FOR ME!?!?!? Ooooohhh... I hope you mean me :) I promise! I can't wait! Wow, is Mandi's tree ever stunning!


Anonymous said...

Oooh Jesica, I'm sorry! That sunday surprise is for everyone who reads & comments on my blog.
But that includes you!

Kati said...

The tree trunk on your first piece looks amazing. I'm always so impressed by what you do with thread.

Lauren said...

Oh my God, Monika! Mandy's tree looks amazing! I can actually see the light shining out, so perfect for her. Can't wait to see the finished details and hopefully see it in person at some point. Love how you pulled everything together!

Anonymous said...

You're awesome Monika :)!!!!!
Stay inspired!

LynCC said...

Mandi's tree is stunning! I can't believe what a remarkable piece of art has emerged from *baby carriers* of all things! So very, very treasurable, both as a piece of art in its own right and for the sentimental value.

Molly said...

isn't it grand, the way the artistic mind works? sometimes a project just flows from brain to fingers licketysplit, and other times a project takes ages - planning, considering, rejecting some ideas, adopting others... mandy's tree is beautiful - i love the symbolism you've stitched into every inch of it! and i know she will too! cheers, molly

Thistle Cove Farm said...

WOW! All that thought means it's BEEEYOUUUTIFULLL! I absolutely love all the symbolism; that makes it so wonderfully Mandy's own. The work of your hands and heart is fabulous; God has blessed you greatly so you can be a blessing to others.

Jeane said...

I love the memmories you have incorporated into Mandy's art piece. The tree, ski, moon, sun, well everything is perfect. Thanks for sharing.

Cheryl said...

The tree is fabulous! and so much fun to have seen how it evolved.

darkdreamer said...

I got the Sunday surprise early! How fabulous is that, Monika - good for you!

Bee said...

Your work is amazingly beautiful and so full of meaning! I'd love to see your work in person one day. I'll be back on Sunday! :)

Nancy said...

What amazing work! Love the tree..

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