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Saturday, 12 March 2011

Little by Little

Yesterday - I'm still speechless.  The earthquake and tsunami effects were the most tragic I've ever seen.  My boy and I watched the online news all day.  He immediately drew up plans to prevent earthquakes (with cement), and channel tsunamis away from homes with brick walls.  He was very serious and determined.  Quick thinking for a seven year old!  We all made a resolution to quit complaining about the local weather.  I wish them all a safe recovery in the aftermath.  It wasn't until late in the day I picked a piece of still, dry prairie to stitch.  Every blade with intention... it was a humbling process to watch each detail of the field unfold.

I used 2 shades of embroidery threads for the oat tops and the whole thing just transformed before my eyes.  I cannot begin to tell you how happy this piece makes me!  I am also nearing the end of this next piece.  I have to put in some blue french knots near the bottom of the fence post and it will be complete.

work in progress...  flowers to be added

By the way, I did add birds to my Summer piece.  I am glad I did.  They give some perspective.  They also add some silence to the piece I think.  I love watching groups of birds.

detail - the piece extends larger

The count down begins.  I think I'm making good progress.  I have to hang the Gardenscapes show in 10 days.  At this point I have mounting, matting, framing, binding, hanging sleeves, and title/sale cards to make.  Little by little, I'm getting it done.

Take care everyone


Anonymous said...

Your work leaves me speechless!!!

diane said...

Monika... I say the same thing almost every time, but I am still mesmerized by your talent (and patience)! I wish I lived closed so I could come to your show.

Jes said...

Looking soooooooooooo nice, Monika!

MDH said...


Scrappy quilter said...


We had a horrible blizzard yesterday with almost every major road in our province closed this morning. Yet, the ice will melt and the winds will die down....nothing like Japan experienced yesterday. Like you we decided not to complain about our weather. Hugs

lotta said...

It is true, we should all take a deep breath and complain less about the little things. Disasters like the earthquake in Japan puts life in perspective. I love your work - it is so simple and clean and yet full of detail and texture. I am glad to have found your blog!

Karen said...

Monika, your depiction of the oats is incredible. No wonder that piece makes you happy!

Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

they look very nice....you do great work

Anonymous said...

Absolutely beautiful my friend :). The Gardenscapes Show will be incredible!
Stay inspired!

Dena said...

Very nice post Monika. It really does put everything in perceptive for those who SEE.

Have a great show!

Grandma Coco said...

What you do with thread!! Amazing!

Heather said...

great work on your projects. Yesterday was a good day for quiet work and reflection.

Bernie said...

Monica - which blog entry has the end of the Gramma's cabin in it? I wanted to see the final product - that must of occured when my computer was down. I can't seem to find it under commissions. TX
Left my real comment about todays work in facebook.

shirley said...

These are just wonderful thread paintings Monika, you are very creative.

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