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Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Penny Has Brother.

Pretty Penny is my Janome Horizon.  She's red, and expensive, so the name fit.  Monday night I was called back by someone giving away a non-working sewing machine.  I said YES!  I want to learn to fix machines, so here's my chance to tinker.  What a mean machine I picked up!  It's yellow with age and smells like things from the 1950's.  It's an older Brother.  (thus: Penny has a brother.)

I'm leaning toward calling him Lucifer,  'Lu' for short.  Don't laugh.  Check out the model #! 

Am I scared?  Heck, no.  I opened it up and the bobbin case along with the race hook & ring thingy all fell out.  So there you go.  I had to figure out how to put those in correctly.  I did it without a manual.  It's a verticle bobbin case and it's on the side.  There was my first clue as to why it wasn't picking up the bobbin thread.  The needle wasn't put in right.  The needle needs to be inserted sideways!

AREN'T I SMART!?  WOO I feel good!  I fiddled with the bobbin tension, and it kinda works.  Well... that's better than not working at all.  The bobbin tension completely falls out of whack in no time, and the top tension disks must have gum stuck in them.  lol  It's all good.  I don't expect to sew on this.  I do look forward to figuring it out though.

Incidentally, I'm in Saskatoon and still looking to buy a second hand machine that works so I can teach the kids.  Email me at MySweetPrairie@gmail.com



Bee said...

You are so funny! Yes, Lucifer is an appropriate name. It should be great fun to tinker with this machine! My first machine was an old secondhand Brother. The model # wasn't 666 though! LOL I sewed on it for years before a neighbor told me I should maybe put a little oil in it to stop that loud clacking noise.

Wendy Lou said...

You are smart Monika! I have my Mom's old Genie from the 70s, complete with orange daisies :) (I still haven't had a chance to sit down an try FMQ, I should return your gloves one of these days!)

Flo @ Butterfly Quilting said...

Again, you give me the chuckle for the day !! Have fun with Lucifer!

Janice Reynolds said...

Someone told me that Lanigan Gift & Thrift had a couple of machines, so I tried to look yesterday for you. He was just closing up, so I didn't inspect them, but there is a portable Singer and a portable Kenmore. I'll try to get a closer look on Friday or next week. They are only $10. There is also an older "piedmont" in a cabinet. What do you think - what features are you looking for? I'm not sure if I'll be able to plug them in and see if they work.

My Sweet Prairie said...

Hi everyone! thanks so much... I do have a second working machine. I'm calling her Fiona. You'd think she's an unloveable ogre but she's really a princess.
: )

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