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Saturday, 4 December 2010

Time To Quilt

Today I spent 4 hours free-motion quilting.  Well - 1/2 hr quilting, 1 hr "reverse FMQ", and then another 1 1/2 hrs quilting.  My hands are numb!  I haven't done free motion for a year maybe?  I've been doing art or straightline quilting.  I forgot how numb my hands go from FMQ and crocheting also.

I spent another 2 hours making binding, attaching it, and handstitching it closed.  (Thank you Joyce H. for the awesome lesson!!)  Here's the binding I chose.  It's so fun!

Check out the free motion quilting accident!  lol.  I needed pliers to get them out.  I cannot imagine what it would be like to get a machine punched needle in the finger!

Oh it was disastrous.  I ran some errands with the kids.  We were out for hours.  Deb from Periwinkle (Saskatoon) called to let me know there are back issues on consignment!  Thank you who ever you are that passed these on.  I came home with these!!

And this!! (Thank you Michelle!)

Hmmm!  I'll have to do some thinking about this.  They are at the counter if you want one!  Now back to the preschool quilt.  I'm NEARLY DONE!!!  PHOTOS SOON!!!  Fundraiser is Monday night.



Molly said...

hi monika! i CAN imagine what it feels like getting a needle punched through your finger - having done it myself a number of years ago! it is an experience i do not care to repeat! the needle went right through my finger (i felt it glance off the bone just before it broke :( ) and pinned my finger to the machine. i had to sit and think for a minute or two about how to disengage my (now-bleeding-heavily) digit! oh - it was no fun!
and as to the coupon - that's merits some thought, doesn't it? a treat for myself that i wouldn't normally buy? or something totally practical like batting? oh dear, oh dear, oh dear - what to do?
i love the binding on your quilt - it looks almost as if it has little beads on it!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Monika. Happy to share :)

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