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Thursday, 9 December 2010

Things I Love Thursday (and winner announced)

There was a beautiful sun-shiny morning outside, and I could see a HUGE grey sky rolling in.  So packed up the kids and headed out to Grasswood & Valley Road south of town to catch the light before it was gone. 

I love that one.  I may change my banner to that. We'll see.  What do you think?  I went out looking for winter scenes to put to fibre.  Here are some birches in the sun for only a few moments more...

I love this next one.  I like views like this.  It happens whenever I have the horizon down low in the photo.  It curves up at the edges.  I love how expansive it is... such a BIG sky.  I have an almost identical version of this taken in August.

Oh my goodness.  The things I love.  I feel so anchored to this land and so freed by this sky. 

I could 


But you want to know who gets the two magazines from the giveaway?  I drew the numbers 13 and 14.  Congratulations to you both! #13 - Wendy/It Is What It Is, and #14 - Sherri/speedyqltr.  All I need is your mailing address and they will be sent tomorrow.  mysweetprairie at gmail dot com. 

Take care everyone!!

enjoying her day off!

1 comment:

Wendy said...

YES!! I am thrilled...thank you so much. I have sent my address to you via e-mail. By the way I love the new pic at the header of your blog. I love winter...and I think the birches would make a lovely fibre art project. Look forward to seeing what you do.

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