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Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Fabric Give-Away!

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It's snowing again.  
This time, hopefully it will stay!  Isn't it pretty!???

You know I'm pushing you to say 'yes' ?  : )  
I love winter. 
Just to cheer you up, I'm giving away four fat quarters 
of Moda fabric in winter blues & soft greens.   
I think they would be great for some lovely holiday project.

I love winter so much in fact, that we celebrate it.  
We open our gifts after supper on the longest night of the year, 
and go see the sunrise VERY LATE the morning after.  
From then on, the daylight grows longer.   
Until then daylight hours shorten.  
Needless to say, we sleep a lot in winter. 

To enter, leave me a note about anything you love about winter.  
It can be an outdoor activity, a cookie recipe, a tradition, your favorite sensation...
My random number generator will select a winner on Monday.
You have until midnight on Sunday, November 14, 2010.
(Hive members, please come straight to the blog and leave your entry 
here, otherwise you might get missed.)  Good luck everyone!!

Have a great and productive Tuesday!
sewing in Saskatoon   

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Tiffany said...

Your picture looks nice!!! I'm glad it's not me with snow! :D

And...winter..I love coming home to a toasty warm house, drinking hot chocolate, and Christmas goodies!!! I love the pies, the cookies, the fudges, truffles! I really do go all out for goodies, and I love that everyone can have a little something, and sharing with friends and neighbors. :D

Lee said...

Hmmm ... there aren't many things I enjoy about winter, I'm not as big a fan as you. : ) But I do love having a cozy fire in our fireplace on a snowy night.

Thanks for another great giveaway!

Flo said...

I think I will have to come back later if you want me to say something nice about winter" LOL ! I just finished shoveling the drive way, and that is very wet, heavy snow! At least it is nice out, and not too cold. There, how was that???

mlafayette said...

I love all the Christmas baking. My mom always made O'Henry Squares and I am excited to make them again this holiday season. They are soooo sweet and being pregnant I have such a sweet tooth right now :)


Wendy Lou said...

I love being together with my family, the glow of the lights both in and out, fires in the fireplace, hot chocolate, building snowmen :)

Nancy said...

I love winter for squishing down into the soft couch with a quilt, hot chocolate and a good movie...

Gailanne said...

A bright red cardinal sitting on an evergreen tree heavy with pure white snow...

upstateLisa said...

we had some snow yesterday but it has already melted. In winter, I love being all cuddled up in my fleece pj's sitting by our wood stove and then staying in my pj's all the next day and stealing away in my sewing room!

Anonymous said...

Hi Monika
I just went and bought some fat quarters and fat eighths in pinks, but I would love the greens too :). So, what I love about winter is the how the freshly fallen snow in the moonlight glistens like diamonds. I also like knowing that spring immediately follows the bleakness.
Stay inspired!

Marianne said...

I love the beauty of winter. The sparkle of the sun on the snow and the beauty of the hoar frost on the trees is something only we who have winter get to enjoy. I know I am in the minority but I do enjoy winter.

JuneBug said...

Oh I love winter. LOVE IT! For so many reasons - beauty, warmth at home, and wierdly enough... no frogs! I have a thing against frogs. The fabrics are beautiful!

Brenda said...

Winter! Nature has put all the beautiful plants and trees to bed and covers them with a mystical blanket of snow. The beauty is when the warm weather arrives and everything awakens to show it's beauty once again.

Trish said...

I love winter because it means I can stay inside (at least once the cows are fed) and work on my quilting and crafting projects.

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