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Saturday, 20 November 2010

Calling All Swappers!

Earlier this month it was announced that PostcardCottage was coming to an end.  It is a fibre art postcard swap group on yahoo.  (Say that three times fast!)  I have been so thoroughly enjoying this group and all the opportunities it has offered.  I wasn't ready for it to quit, after all I just got there this spring!  So I stepped up as the new list-owner / moderator.  .  Want to see what kind of gems you get when you join?

I loaded a whole bunch of photos of cards I received into a new flickr photo sharing group.  Here it is!  If you are already a member of PostcardCottage, go ahead and add photos.  Flickr is pretty easy, and the first 200 photos are free.  Not bad!

Want some too?  It's so easy.  You go HERE if you want to join the group.  In the group, you can sign up for swaps.  Swaps are posted on the first of each month, and yours must be mailed out by the 15th of the following month.  In each swap you make three cards to mail out, and you'll get three cards mailed to you.  Each swap has a topic to inspire you to create something fabulous!  They go out with regular postage depending on the country you are sending them too of course.  No envelope required.  Further card-making instructions can be found in the files that are already there at the group.

See you soon!

many hats, many aprons.

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