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Friday, 8 October 2010

Earth and Air, Fire and Water ... just what my spirit needed.

This morning before anyone in my house was awake, I took a well-deserved diversion.  When I'm the first one up, I slip on my running shoes, wash the smudged mascara off my face from the day before, and head out for some fresh air and quiet rejuvenating ME time. 

I've been working so hard on this show while tending to the house and four other souls 24/7.  Okay - well I haven't really been tending to the house, but my family of five is well looked after, entertained, fed, and watered, as are the five pets.  We live across the road from a big pond we call a lake.  It makes for breathtaking scenery.  : )  Check out these whisps of clouds!!

This morning's run was SO fulfilling.  I must have a lot of nervous energy built up.  I ran longer than I ever have before I had to slow down and walk.  Still, you can see by these photos how it just fills me up again to go back into my studio to sew up more prairie.  How can this not inspire you?

Gosh it's beautiful here today.  It's so very mild.  With the sun rising later and later, I finally get to take in some beautiful sunsets after 7 am.  : )  I miss out a lot in the summer.   Perhaps that's why I embrace Autumn, and even winter.  I get the sunrise and sunsets back.  They make my day! 

I'm taking my unfinished quilt out to the beach so the kids can play.  I'm staying until sunset.  Have a great weekend!!

~Monika K.
sewing in Saskatoon

1 comment:

Christie, Describe Happy said...

That looks so amazing! I can picture you standing there and just soaking it all in! Can't think of a better way to start the day.

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