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Thursday, 19 August 2010

Old fashioned Toddler Quilt done

I bought these panels at Periwinkle Quilt Shop a long time ago and have never figured out how to use them.  They were cute pictures of boys and girls playing outside.  I liked it because there was no commercialism in it.  A also liked it because you can't say it's a BOY quilt or a GIRL quilt. 

I like the patchwork on this one.  The squares are pretty small.  I free motion quilted around the drawings with dark brown thread (at 6 am) and I really like the way this turned out.  SO NOW I`ll show you the photos.  ; )

I love that picture so much.  And here`s another panel of 2 boys fishing:

If you want to see more details of the other pictures in the quilt, you can click on the first full picture above and see it close up.

Back to my third attempt at making crab apple jelly!  
: )


Catswhiskers said...

hummmm... crab apple jelly and an old fashioned quilt!
Absolutely fantastic - both!
I love your quilt and agree that it's nice when you cant say when it is a boy or a girl's quilt.
Very sweet... and the crab apple jelly will be too.

Shayleah said...

It's got that old fashioned charm and childhood innocence feel to it. Lovely! I hope the jelly turns out as good! ;0

My Sweet Prairie said...

Thank you Catwhiskers for following and for the lovely comments! How did you find me?

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